Legislative Alert - Friday, July 1st, 2016: Background Checks for Drone Pilots

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Legislative Alert - Friday, July 1st, 2016: Background Checks for Drone Pilots



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  • Staffing Company Faces Huge Fines 
  • Medical Marijuana Foe Pushes for more Research
  • Background Checks for Drone Pilots



Staffing Company Faces Huge Fines

Minneapolis based staffing company Golden Employment Group will have to pay more than $209,000 in fines because of hundreds of Form I-9 violations. Administrative Law Judge Ellen K. Thomas found the company liable for 465 violations that ranged from failing to properly complete the forms to failing to present them in a timely manner. 

The staffing company argued that they showed good faith by using the E-Verify system that compares information from the Form I-9s to government records. But according to the judge, that can’t compensate for the fact that the forms were not filled out correctly and were not available when then the government asked to see them.

Medical Marijuana Foe Pushes for more Research

Maryland Congressman Andy Harris (R) has been one of the most outspoken lawmakers in the fight against medical marijuana. Dr. Harris, a Johns Hopkins-trained anesthesiologist, says it’s wrong to plow ahead with legalization when there is no real scientific evidence yet to prove what the drug can help and what it can hurt.

Since marijuana is still a Schedule I drug, it is hard to get approval to do research. Harris, along with Earl Blumenauer, H. Morgan Griffith and Sam Farr are presenting a House bill that would make it much easier for scientists to do research on the drug. The bipartisan Medical Marijuana Research Act of 2016 would eliminate unnecessary administrative barriers that currently block rigorous study of the drug. A similar bill is being introduced in the Senate.

Background Checks for Drone Pilots

If you operate a drone as part of your job, you probably already know that you need a remote pilot certificate to operate it. Now, the FAA is requiring commercial drone pilots to also undergo a federal background check conducted by the TSA. The certification process can take up to 7 days. When you add the background check, the whole process will now take 6 to 8 weeks. All drone pilots will be vetted against terrorist watchlists to see if they might pose a threat to national or transportation security.

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