Legislative Alert - Friday, February 10th, 2017: Computer Hacking Hits Pro Baseball [Video + Transcript]

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  • Hacking Case Causes Serious Problems for a Big League Team
  • Proposed FCRA Suit Dismissed
  • Mandatory E-Verify?

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Hacking Case Causes Serious Problems for a Big League Team

Hacking is a problem for all kinds of industries… even something as seemingly low tech as baseball. The St. Louis Cardinals’ former scouting director pleaded guilty to hacking into the Houston Astros’ computer system in 2015. Now the league has ordered the Cardinals to give their two top draft picks to the Astros and pay them $2 million in damages -- that’s on top of the $279,000 Chris Correa paid after admitting to the hack. This is hopefully the final chapter in a story that started back in 2013 when Jeff Luhnow left St. Louis to become the GM of the Astros. He turned in his company laptop, and Correa later admitted to taking the password from that laptop and trying variations until he was able to break into Luhnow’s new account with the Astros. This is just another reminder of how important good information security is – no matter what kind of business you run.

Proposed FCRA Suit Dismissed

A federal judge in Newark, New Jersey dismissed a proposed class action lawsuit against crafting giant Michaels. The case, which alleged the company did not have a conspicuous and stand-alone disclosure about pre-employment background checks, had been stayed pending the outcome of the Spokeo case. The day after the Supreme Court issued their opinion on Spokeo, the judge asked both sides to resubmit their papers in light of the decision that requires plaintiff’s to show they had suffered concrete harm. Since all of the plaintiffs had been hired by Michaels, the judge decided they lacked standing because they had not suffered an injury.

Mandatory E-Verify?

Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley wants E-Verify to be mandatory for every single employer in the country. Late last month he introduced a bill that would end voluntary use of the electronic immigration system. The Accountability Through Electronic Verification Act would also require employers to check current employees as well as job applicants, and to rescreen every three years. They would also be required to fire anyone who is not legal to work in the US. Employers who continue to hire undocumented workers could be hit with fines as high as $25,000. Nearly 700,000 employers already take advantage of the free program.

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