Legislative Alert Friday April 29th: Government Pilots "Hack the Pentagon" Program [Video]

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Legislative Alert Friday April 29th: Government Pilots "Hack the Pentagon" Program [Video]


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  • Keystone State OKs Medical Marijuana
  • Privacy Shield Faces Uphill Battle
  • Missouri Bans the Box
  • Hack the Pentagon Without Going to Jail!






Keystone State OKs Medical Marijuana

Pennsylvania is now the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana. The measure breezed through the state House and Senate and was quickly signed by Governor Tom Wolf. Patients will only be given access to the drug if they suffer from one of 17 conditions such as cancer, PTSD, seizures and chronic pain. Smoking marijuana in the Keystone State is still illegal. Patients will only be able to use it in pill form, oil, ointments or in a vaporizer. It could take up to two years before the system is fully up and running. Many lawmakers actually hope that legalizing marijuana for medical purposes will stem the growing crisis of opioid abuse in the state.

Privacy Shield Faces Uphill Battle

Microsoft has come out as the first major US technology company to publicly endorse the new EU-US Privacy Shield data sharing deal. But even with this big supporter, the road to implementation is not going to be a smooth one. Leaks coming from meetings over the Safe Harbor replacement indicate that key regulators, on both sides, are not thrilled with the agreement in its current form. The group doesn’t have to sign off on the deal for it to be put in place, but the concerns are definitely a stumbling block when it comes to getting Privacy Shield up and running.

Missouri Bans the Box

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon recently signed Ban the Box legislation that applies to all state agencies. All departments, agencies, boards and commissions in the Executive Branch have to remove any question about criminal history from their employment applications, unless such history would make an applicant ineligible for a job position. According to the Missouri Department of Corrections, 44 percent of people currently on parole are unemployed. The Governor hopes this will change things for the better.

Hack the Pentagon Without Going to Jail!

The US government is stepping up information security efforts after several highly publicized breaches, and they are recruiting amateur hackers to help. The “Hack the Pentagon” pilot program went live on April 18th. Those who signed up to compete have until May 12th to target several Department of Defense websites to see if they can break in. If they make it they will have to submit vulnerability reports and some will even win prize money. And, yes, everyone who applied had to go through a background check to be sure they were not involved in terrorism, drug trafficking or other criminal activities!

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