Legislative Alert: FCRA Suit Dismissed | 9th State OKs Pot | New Way to Fight Opioid Abuse [Video]

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Legislative Alert: FCRA Suit Dismissed | 9th State OKs Pot | New Way to Fight Opioid Abuse [Video]

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  • Spokeo Helps Get Drug Store Chain off FCRA Hook
  • Vermont OK’s Recreational Marijuana
  • Out-of-the Box Idea to Combat Opioid Abuse




Spokeo Helps Get Drug Store Chain off FCRA Hook

A class action lawsuit against the Rite Aid Corporation was dismissed last month because the court determined the named plaintiff had not suffered any actual harm. Kyra Moore sued because the pre-adverse action letter she received after her background check labeled her as “Non-competitive.” Since Rite Aid refuses to hire anyone scored as “Non-Competitive,” Moore alleged the company had already made an adverse employment decision before sending her the letter. She also said she was not given a full five days before the final adverse action letter arrived. The court cited Spokeo v. Robins in the decision and said the mistakes were just procedural. The judge also pointed out that Moore did contact the company to talk about her background check and dispute the findings before the final letter was sent, so she was able to take advantage of the adverse action process.

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Vermont OK’s Recreational Marijuana

Vermont has just become the 9th state to legalize recreational marijuana, but the decision was not left up to the voters as it was in all of the other states. Vermont law does not allow for such an initiative to be put on a ballot. Instead, it had to come from the legislature. It took several tries since Governor Phil Scott (R) refused to sign the first efforts. Even though the governor says he believes it is not the government’s business to legislate what adults do behind closed doors, he felt the first bills that hit his desk didn’t lay out a strong enough punishment for selling the drug to minors. Vermont legalized medical marijuana in 2004. The new law goes into effect in July. In the meantime, the governor has set up a task force to study the effects of legalizing pot that will be used to guide how the state proceeds in the future.


Out-of-the Box Idea to Combat Opioid Abuse

We have talked a lot recently about the national efforts to curb opioid abuse. President Trump has asked everyone from prescribers to patients to do their part. Now Walmart has come up with an idea to keep some of the overly prescribed drugs from getting into the wrong hands. Customers filling a new Class II opioid prescription at Walmart will also get a packet of DisposeRX. It’s a powder that you mix with warm water to get a safe, biodegradable gel to destroy and dispose of any extra medication. Other pharmacies will take your unneeded medication back and dispose of it, but this is the first time patients can easily do it at home.

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