Legislative Alert - February 11, 2016: Facebook Gives Thumbs Down to Medical Marijuana Pages

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  • Judges OK Background Check Settlement
  • EU - US Privacy Shield Announced
  • Ban the Box on College Campuses?
  • Medical Marijuana Pages Foiled by Facebook


Judges OK Background Check Settlement

One of the largest background screening firms in the country has finally settled a lawsuit that alleged it violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Dish satellite TV installers claimed that the screening company provided outdated information to employers. The reports allegedly contained impermissible 20-year-old charges, citations and arrests -- and caused many to lose their jobs. The FCRA limits reporting of this kind of information to just 7 years. There were three different classes approved by the judge. Click here to find out who settled and for how much.

EU - US Privacy Shield Announced

Just two days after their self-imposed deadline, EU and US officials have announced Privacy Shield- the replacement for the now defunct Safe Harbor framework. The new agreement will make it possible to safely transfer sensitive personal data across the Atlantic. The exact text of the deal reached between the Department of Commerce and the European Commission has not yet been released, so the details are still unclear. Final approval by the EU Justice Commissioner could take up to 3 months. In the meantime, experts are debating whether Privacy Shield is measurably different from Safe Harbor.

Ban the Box on College Campuses?

New York University has petitioned the board overseeing the Common Application for colleges to remove questions asking about the applicant’s disciplinary or criminal history. The Common App is used by 600 colleges. Those advocating for the removal of the questions say they keep college out of reach for minorities. The boxes were only added to the application in 2007. Now NYU officials want to know whether asking these questions has kept colleges safer or discouraged diversity. Those who want to change the application say there is no evidence that the questions give any indication about whether an applicant will graduate and succeed.

Medical Marijuana Pages Foiled by Facebook

Facebook has shut down pages for three of New Jersey’s legal marijuana dispensaries. Facebook’s policy bans promoting the sale of drugs. But the site is not picking on the newly legal product; it also bans the promotion or sale of other legal products like tobacco and guns. Supporters of the dispensaries say the website is doing a disservice to the 5,500 registered patients in the state.

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