Legislative Alert: Background Checks for Online Dating?

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Legislative Alert: Background Checks for Online Dating?

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  • Background Checking Dating App
  • Judge Finds in Favor of Medical Marijuana User
  • President’s Proposed Budget Mandates E-Verify


Background Checking Dating App

A new app called Gatsby claims it can take the risk out of finding love online. The app, which has only been live for a couple of months, checks sex offender registries and criminal databases for convictions. If they find anything, there will be no dates for you! The company won’t reveal exactly what searches it conducts, and won’t turn away anyone for just an arrest. The screening doesn’t stop at that initial search. The app rescreens monthly, and anyone convicted of a crime will be banned for life. The app doesn’t ask for Social Security Numbers, addresses or dates of birth, so it is unclear how effective the screens can be. And while the effort should be applauded, there is nothing to stop fake profiles. The creators say they are working on that issue now.


Judge Finds in Favor of Medical Marijuana User

A Rhode Island Superior Court judge has made a ruling with potential widespread implications for employment drug testing in the future. Judge Richard Licht ruled in favor of a woman who was turned down for a summer internship back in 2014 because she legally used medical marijuana. The attorney for the company, Darlington Fabrics Corporation, argued that they have a drug free workplace and test everyone, so Christine Callaghan was not singled out. But the judge ruled that the language of the law made it illegal for any school, employer or landlord to turn away someone solely for their status as a card holder. Judge Licht also wrote in his decision that the state’s medical marijuana law requires employers to make a distinction between medical and non-medical use of the drug. The owners of Darlington say they will be appealing to the state Supreme Court. This ruling could be the precedent medical marijuana supporters have been hoping for to protect cardholders from zero tolerance policies.  


President’s Proposed Budget Mandates E-Verify

President Trump’s blueprint for the 2018 Federal Budget focuses a large amount of resources on homeland security. In fact, it specifically says, “The Budget prioritizes DHS law enforcement operations.” Of the $44.1 billion requested for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), $131.5 million would be used to expand and improve the E-Verify program. The improvements are needed because the president has requested another $15 million to make the use of E-Verify mandatory for all employers within 3 years. The internet-based system compares information from the Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification to government data to make sure an applicant is legally allowed to work in the U.S.


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