Legislative Alert – Sept 11, 2014 Screening News Update



EBI is proud to present our new Screening News Update videos. We will continue to publish the text version of our Legislative Alerts, but now you will also have the option to watch them as broadcasts from our EBI Screening News Network studio. We hope you enjoy this new feature!


EEOC officially announces its new Chair

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) officially announces its new Chair. On September 1, 2014, President Obama appointed Vice Chair Jenny R. Yang to replace Jacqueline Berrien as the head of the Commission.

Yang, a longtime civil rights and employment lawyer, is the first Asian-American to head the agency. She was first nominated to serve on the Commission in 2012, and was unanimously confirmed by the Senate in April of 2013. As chair of the firm’s hiring and diversity committee, she gained experience with the complex issues facing employers as they make hiring decisions.

In April of 2014 Ms. Yang became the Vice Chair of the EEOC. Her term as Chair will end on July 1, 2017.

Ban the Box

D-C Mayor Vincent Gray signed the “Fair Criminal Record Screening Act of 2014” into law. It prevents those who employ more than 10 people from delving into a candidate’s criminal history on the initial job application.

Employers may not ask about any legal situation that did not result in a conviction, and they won’t be able to ask about criminal convictions until after they’ve made a conditional offer of employment. Those conditional offers cannot be revoked unless the business can prove a “legitimate business reason” for not being able to hire someone.

The Act will take effect after a mandatory 30-day period of Congressional review.

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