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Screening News Network Update – April 24, 2015

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New Jersey Going International

The New Jersey Senate is working on a bill that would require the state Board of Medical Examiners to check for international criminal convictions for any applicant who has lived outside of the United States.

Dr. Richard Kaul was convicted of manslaughter in the United Kingdom after a woman he sedated for a tooth extraction went into cardiac arrest and died. Kaul returned to the U.S., renewed his medical license in New Jersey and started a new practice. After several malpractice suits the state finally pulled his license.

The bill was approved by the Budget and Appropriations Committee and now moves on to the full Senate.

Syracuse Bans the Box

Late last year the Syracuse Common Council voted 8 to 1 to institute a Ban the Box policy for all city employees and contractors. The policy took effect on March 22nd. It does not include private sector jobs.

NFL Gives Players Fair Warning

On April 20th the NFL will formally begin random drug testing. The union that represents the players sent out a tweet exactly 30 days before reminding the guys that the tests are coming. Coincidentally, marijuana can be detected in a person’s system up to 30 days after use.

All players will be tested at least once before August 9th. After that, the Medical Advisor will be allowed to request pre-season testing on a team-wide basis or by position groups. Pin-pointing individuals will not be allowed.

Kosher Weed Coming Soon

When legal medical marijuana goes on sale in New York next year, kosher versions might be available for observant Jews. The Orthodox Union is in discussions with a supplier out of Colorado. Technically, since pot is a plant, it doesn’t need a rabbi’s certification. But the New York law doesn’t allow cannabis to be smoked; rather it must be converted into a liquid, oil, capsule or possibly even food. Any additional ingredients in these products would have to be deemed kosher.


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