E-Verify Now Mandatory In This State

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E-Verify Now Mandatory In This State


Screening News Network Update – February 6, 2015

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E-Verify Now Mandatory For All State Agencies In Texas

Texas Governor Rick Perry signed an executive order that makes it mandatory that all state agencies, as well as all companies doing business with the state, utilize the E-Verify system to ensure all employees are legally allowed to work in the United States.

All of the businesses covered by the executive order will have to check the eligibility of every single employee using the automated federal system.

Disney FCRA Lawsuit

A California judge allows a lawsuit to continue against the Happiest Place on Earth. Plaintiff Roger L. Culberson alleges Disney didn’t hire him because his background check reported an expunged conviction from 1998 was as a current conviction from 2010. He also claims the company knowingly failed to comply with the FCRA by not giving him a copy of the report, and denying him a chance to dispute the mistake before they made the decision not to hire him.

A professional screening firm conducted the background check, but according to court papers, Disney elected to handle the adverse action portion on their own instead of contracting with their screening partner to do it. Disney reps say they didn’t hire Culberson because they didn’t need his services—not because of the criminal history report.

The judge decided there are enough questions about whether Disney used the faulty information to allow the case to go forward.

Tennessee Offers Felons Helpful Paperwork

A new law in Tennessee will allow convicted felons to apply for a “certificate of employability.” If they have one of these certificates, employers are not allowed to refuse to hire them because of their criminal history.

To qualify for the certificate, felons must show the court work history, references and personal information that proves they are reliable enough to work.

Employers are allowed to fire one of these employees if they don’t continue to meet all of the guidelines or if they get arrested again.

Fighting Accidental Overdoses

Marijuana candy is being blamed for an increase in children accidentally overdosing in Washington State. A resolution before the state legislature hopes to regulate items like pot-infused gummy bears, lollypops and ice cream.

These items are being sold legally in state dispensaries. The push is to regulate those that could be confused for ordinary sugary treats.

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