Legislative Alert – January 31, 2016: Drug Testing via Fingerprints?


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  • Criminal Record? No Problem in PA
  • Uber Easing Up on Some Background Checks
  • Indiana Cracking Down on Employers
  • Portable Fingerprint Drug Test Coming Soon?


Criminal Record? No Problem in PA

The Commonwealth Court in Pennsylvania unanimously ruled that it is unconstitutional to bar all convicted criminals from working in nursing homes and long-term care facilities. The 1997 law required a lifetime employment ban on anyone convicted of a crime. One of the plaintiffs fighting the ban is Tyrone Peake. Thirty-two years ago he was caught riding in a stolen car. He served 3 years’ probation, but that one run-in with the law has kept him from working as a drug counselor. The court ruled that the lifetime ban was too broad and violated workers’ rights.

Uber Easing Up on Some Background Checks

Ride-sharing giant Uber is in the news again over how it screens its drivers. The new policy actually eases the restrictions on drivers in California only. Uber will no longer reject applicants with certain non-violent offenses like petty theft and check fraud. They will also provide applicants with information on how to reduce their criminal records under Proposition 47 which changed some felonies to misdemeanors. This will not help those convicted of any driving misdemeanor or felony, or any sexual or violent crimes.

Indiana Cracking Down on Employers

The state of Indiana may soon crack down on employers who hire illegal immigrants. A new bill announced in the Indiana General Assembly would give judges the power to revoke business licenses from an employer who knowingly and repeatedly hires people who are not eligible to work in the US. State Senator Mike Delph says he introduced the bill to strip the financial incentives from those who profit off of illegal immigration. If passed, the law will likely spur the use of E-Verify in the state, since anyone using the federal system would be immune from prosecution.

Portable Fingerprint Drug Test Coming Soon

British company, Intelligent Fingerprinting, is expected to release the world’s first portable fingerprint-based drug screening device within the next few months. The technology promises to simplify the drug screening process. The device collects and analyzes sweat from a fingerprint. It takes just 5 seconds and can screen for multiple drugs, giving results in less than 10 minutes. The device does not yet have FDA approval.

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