Don't Skimp On Background Checks for Summer Hires

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Don't Skimp On Background Checks for Summer Hires


If you are planning to hire summer help, you are in good company.  According to a survey by 36% of employers are planning to hire seasonal workers. That is up 21% from the hard-hit recession years of 2008-2011.

We’re just not talking about lifeguards and summer camp counselor jobs. The top industries for this summer work are Leisure & Hospitality, Finance, Information Technology and Retail. The majority of employers say the summer jobs will pay $15 per hour or more.

This is great news for so many people, but a quick word of warning for employers. It doesn’t matter if you are hiring someone for three months or for a lifetime - don’t skimp on your research before making the offer. All employees, whether they are temporary or long term need to go through a background check. At the very least, you should run a thorough criminal check. You should also add services to mitigate risk based upon the specific job duties.  For example, if someone is going to be driving for you, run a Motor Vehicles Record (MVR) check, if someone is going to be handling money or finances, run a credit report.

The screens shouldn’t add more than a day or two to your process, and they could save you from serious long-term problems down the road. Talk with your screening partner about what process works best for your summer help. You’ll have peace of mind, and might even be able to take a little time off for yourself!

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