Customers Rank EBI as a Top Provider... Again!


As we watch another year come to an end, we truly hope that our readers have found the content of our blog and the Screening News Network helpful, educational and entertaining. We try not to spend too much time talking about ourselves here. That is not our mission. But once in a while we have some news that is worth shouting from the rooftops.


EBI is proud to be named, once again, to two great lists of Top Background Screeners. The first is HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen list. We have been honored to make this list for 8 years. This one means a lot to us because the rankings come straight from customer satisfaction surveys. HRO Today asks customers to rank firms based on the diversity of their services, the size of their deals and over-all quality of customer care. If you’ve ever worked with EBI, you know that last one is where our soul is.

We are also thrilled to be ranked on Workforce Magazine’s Hot List. For more than a decade, the Hot List has featured the best providers, products and services to help HR executives keep their departments on top of their game. EBI has made that list for nine years in a row!

“Everyone at EBI is thrilled to be recognized again by our valued clients,” said Richard Kurland, President and CEO. “We are committed to providing the best customer experience in the industry. Now in our 21st year, EBI is one of the largest background screening companies in the industry. Even with this spectacular growth, our model is and always will be, to keep the customers’ needs our top priority. We will continue to keep the balance between growth and innovation and providing the specialized boutique customer service we are well known for. It is wonderful when our clients recognize our efforts.”

“As the industry, technology and the HR environment continue to evolve, we feel that our philosophy of “Business to Humans” is more important than ever.” says Kurland. "Over the last year, we launched our Screening News Network ™, which in addition to our blog, keeps our customers educated and well informed. It is just one more example of how EBI is redefining customer service.”

We are proud of all of the people who come together every single day to make EBI the family that it is. We also wish you… all of our customers and future customers… Happy Holidays! Please let us know if there is any way we can help you in the New Year.

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Jennifer Gladstone

Posted By: Jennifer Gladstone

Jennifer Gladstone is a news anchor and journalist with more than 20 years of experience in front of the camera. She's worked in several markets, large and small, and has performed nearly every task needed in a newsroom. As EBI’s Screening News Editor, she keeps EBI’s customers and blog subscribers up to date on the latest screening news and legislative alerts affecting companies of all sizes.