Background Checks are the Way of the World—But Not all Checks are Equal

If you have applied for a job recently, it would be a safe bet to say you went through some kind of background check. The National Association of Professional Background Screeners recently commissioned to conduct a survey about how employers are using background checks.

Out of the 1,528 HR professionals who responded, 96 percent said their organization conducts some kind of background check on potential hires. Back in 2000 only 50 percent of companies surveyed had background check programs.


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When questioned about why they feel background screening is so important, the answer was almost as universal. Of all respondents, 89 percent say safety is their number one goal.

Other top reasons include:

  • Improving Quality Hires - 52 percent
  • Protecting Company's Reputation - 45 percent
  • Law / Regulation - 44 percent


NAPBS survey results 2017 bar chart.png


When employers do the background check varies a bit. A vast majority, 86 percent, run the check at some point after interviewing the candidate. Of those, 55 percent wait until after a conditional job offer is made.

The most important thing for employers is to be sure they have a solid background check policy in place. That, along with the right background screening partner, will help you get the most out of your progam.


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Jennifer Gladstone

Posted By: Jennifer Gladstone

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