Approved Bill Limits Applicant Drug Testing

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Approved Bill Limits Applicant Drug Testing


Screening News Network Update – January 3rd, 2015

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Approved Bill Limits Applicant Drug Testing

The D.C. council unanimously approved a bill that will prohibit employers from giving an applicant a drug test until after a conditional offer of employment has been made. The council member who sponsored the bill says, now that the district has voted to legalize marijuana possession, job applicants shouldn’t have to worry about losing job opportunities because they have smoked pot.

Employers will be allowed to test after the job has been offered, and they will also be able to test during employment. Basically, all this does is delay the inevitable for many applicants. There is no law saying the employer can’t revoke the offer if the candidate fails the test.

Another FCRA Suit Against Whole Foods

Whole Foods could be facing yet another class action lawsuit over alleged FCRA compliance (Fair Credit Reporting Act ) violations. A former employee from one of the company’s Florida stores filed a proposed class action because he claims the form that authorizes the employer to do a background check on an applicant, also includes a waiver that frees the employer from any liability surrounding the use of that background information. Putting this waiver on the same page as the authorization is against the law.

Colin Speer, the plaintiff, is asking for a jury trial and statutory damages.

His case is very similar to a class action that has already been certified against Whole Foods in California earlier this year.

Texas Takes Down Illegal Diploma Mills

A Texas court has issued a temporary restraining order and has frozen the assets of the Houston-based “Marque Learning Center Partnership.” The company allegedly claimed to be a nationally accredited home school, but it is not recognized by any legitimate accrediting organization.

Marque has no teachers or tutors. “Students” are only asked to take an exam to receive their high school diploma. Investigators say the test doesn’t take a high school level of education to pass, has answers on the same page as the questions and often makes no sense at all.

To top it off, by putting “home school” on federal financial aid forms, those who buy these diplomas could face criminal charges.

The state is seeking court ordered penalties from more than a dozen defendants. Read more about Diploma Mills.

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