US Airports Receive 'F' For Employee Security Screening

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US Airports Receive 'F' For Employee Security Screening

airport_securityLast fall an NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey found that only 26 percent of Americans think the country is safer now than before 9/11. Nearly half of respondents say they think we are less safe than the day terrorists stole four airplanes out of the sky. Now CNN comes along with an investigation that says most U.S. airports are not conducting daily employee security screening for workers who have access to our nation’s planes.

One of the biggest known breaches happened at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport where a gun smuggling ring used a baggage handler to allegedly pass weapons to passengers AFTER they passed through security. 

Lawmakers are now questioning current regulations regarding airport security. CNN’s investigation revealed that the airports in Miami and Orlando are the only two airports in the nation to require all employees to go through metal detectors -- every day -- to get to secure areas.

The other airports seem to also drop the ball when it comes to background screening. It turns out the majority of the nation’s airports don’t follow up with background checks after workers are hired.

We have discussed the importance of these ongoing checks on this blog before. Just because someone has a clean criminal record when they accept the job, doesn’t mean they will stay on the right side of the law down the line.  Whether you are talking about the threat of terrorism or the health of your small business, ongoing background checks can protect you and your customers.

If your employees have access to sensitive or financial information, it is your responsibility to know if any of your employees have had a run in with the law. If something happens your company could be liable for negligent retention. And if you run one of our nation’s airports… the whole country is depending on you to keep the planes as safe as possible. That means constant physical screening as well as a solid plan for ongoing criminal records reviews.

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