Welfare Recipients Must Pass Drug Test To Receive Benefits

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Welfare Recipients Must Pass Drug Test To Receive Benefits


Screening News Network Update – January 13th, 2015

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Michigan Starts Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

Michigan will soon start screening welfare applicants and recipients for any indication of drug use. Governor Rick Snyder signed the new rules into law just before the new year.

The law creates a year-long pilot program in three counties. If someone is suspected of using drugs they will be given a drug test. Refusing the test will cost them six months of benefits. If a test comes back positive, the person will be referred to a treatment program. They will lose their benefits completely if they refuse to enter that program.

At least 7 states have passed laws regarding drug testing those who receive public assistance.

Target Suit Hits Its Mark

A federal judge in Minnesota has decided that a group of more than 100 consumers may continue with their class action lawsuit against retail giant Target.

The consumers alleged they suffered significant economic damage when the store’s computer system was hacked at the end of 2013. Target wanted the suit dismissed claiming the plaintiffs didn’t establish any injury from the data breach.

The judge disagreed pointing to 94 examples of injuries that include unlawful charges, restricted or blocked access to bank accounts, inability to pay other bills, late payment charges or new card fees.

A few rulings that went in Target’s favor… the judge dismissed consumer claims of breach of contract and he dismissed negligence claims under Alaska, California, Iowa and Massachusetts law.

Medical Marijuana Missing the Mark in Illinois

Medical marijuana has been legal in the state of Illinois for more than a year. Six-hundred patients have signed up for, and have received medical marijuana cards… but not a single person has been able to get the drug for treatment.

The state was supposed to award business licenses to growers and dispensaries by the end of 2014… but they didn’t… not one. There is not a single business in the state that can grow or sell the drug.

To make matters worse, Illinois law does not allow patients to grow the drug at home. Some lawmakers say they hope to give patients access to the drug by late spring or early fall of this year.

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