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Behind the Screen Part 4: Why Background Screening is a Necessity -- Not a Luxury [Video + Transcript]

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The Sue Weaver Story

We hope you have enjoyed our Behind the Screen series. We decided to pull back the curtain to show you how and why screeners do what we do. Screening has become a business necessity. If you hire people -- especially people who will have contact with the public -- thorough background screening has the potential to not only save your business, but it can honestly save lives.

In this final piece, we’d like to introduce you to Sue Weaver… a mother, a sister and a trusting customer who might still be with us today if an employer had conducted a simple background check.





Legislative Alert - Friday, March 10th, 2017: Our 100th Edition! [Video + Transcript]

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Welcome to EBI’s 100th Screening News Update!  Over the last three years our team has worked hard to bring you the latest information on pre-employment screening. We’ve interviewed some of the biggest industry movers and shakers. We’ve travelled from DC to Las Vegas and California. We’ve had a little fun, and had our fair share of bloopers! But through it all, our one and only goal is to keep you informed in this rapidly changing world of background screening and drug testing.  We hope you will continue to tune in and share our broadcasts with friends and colleagues. And with that, let’s get to this week’s news!

  • Driver’s Licenses Going Digital
  • Random Drug Testing For State Troopers?
  • An Upstate New York County Bans the Box
  • Last Chance to Save E-Verify Records
“Gig Economy” Does Not Reduce Need for Background Checks

Background Checks

The modern workplace is experiencing a dramatic shift away from full-time employment that is usually associated with benefits and punching a clock, to what is being called the "gig economy." More and more workers are choosing to freelance or take on short term contract work. According to a survey by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), as many as 4 in 10 workers prefer to work outside the traditional 40-hour workweek. Employers are paying close to $1 trillion to this non-traditional workforce each year.

‘Tis the Season for Tax Scams

Data Security

Tax season is here. Few people can honestly say they look forward to the crunch, but scammers and hackers seem to be having a very good time at everyone else’s expense. A few new hacks have been exposed recently, and they reiterate the importance of being overly protective when it comes to Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

More than a Quarter of Employers Do Not Conduct Background Checks

Background Checks

Millions of dollars - maybe even billions - are spent by businesses every year as they try to hire the right people. There are so many variables. Do they have the right experience? The right education? Are they a nice fit with your corporate culture? These questions are easy to ask. But there are more that don’t get as much attention. Is your applicant really who they say they are? Have they committed a crime? Are they telling the truth on their resume?