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Why Your Company Should be Drug Testing

Drug Testing

There are a lot of things business owners need to worry about these days, and every single one of them seems to come with a price tag. Sometimes -- especially when you might be trying to tighten your belt -- it’s hard to see the return on something like drug testing until you take a step back and look at the big picture.

Can Race Affect Hair Drug Test Results?

Drug Testing

After more than ten years of litigation, a Boston jury will now have to decide if African American police officers were treated unfairly based on the results of hair follicle drug test results. The case has been bouncing around the court system since 2005 when a group of African American officers filed a lawsuit alleging that the hair testing used by the department was more likely to turn up positives from their hair than that from their Caucasian peers.

Marijuana: The Backdoor Approach to Legalization

Legalizing Marijuana

When Colorado and Washington passed recreational marijuana laws in 2012, it was a big deal. It took people by surprise.  And given that reaction, it’s hard to believe that just four years later six more states and the District of Columbia passed similar laws with little fanfare.  Altogether 28* states now have some form of legalized marijuana, and as legalization continues to spread, so does the general acceptance from voters and the population as a whole.  Take Florida for example.  It passed medical marijuana in November 2016 with more than 71% of voters in favor of the new law.  Recent statistics have shown that the majority of millennials and baby boomers alike now support legalized marijuana.  But as support “goes viral,” has anyone really stopped to consider what it will all mean?  Much like the hubbub around the presidential campaign, are millions of Americans going to be taken aback by the outcome?