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I-9 Verification for Remote Employees: What You Need to Know

Form I-9 E-Verify

The federal government requires all new hires to present documentation that proves they can legally work in the United States. For citizens that could be a passport, a driver’s license or Social Security card. Non-citizens have to show documents that prove they are in the country legally and that they have permission to work.

The Form I-9 has to be filled out properly and stored in case Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents (ICE) show up at your business to conduct an audit—which is getting more and more likely these days.

Since 2009 I-9 audits have gone up nearly 2000%, and considering an average of 68% of the forms have errors, this is an issue employers really need to focus on. HR managers can easily get the Form I-9 filled out and filed away for local employees, but what about I-9 for remote employees?

75 Job Posting Sites For Your Next Hire

HR & Recruiting

There are seemingly endless ways to post a job online. It’s important to find the one that fits your industry so you can be sure you are getting the right applicants. With the average interview process taking more than 22 days on average, you don’t have time to waste. Knowing how to write a job description is only half the battle — making sure the right people see what you've written is a must. We’ve put together 75 of the best job posting sites to help you get the right applicant for your position.

How to Write Great Job Descriptions: 15 Science-Backed Tips

HR & Recruiting

Whether your company needs to fill a new position or replace an existing employee, it is incredibly important to have the right job description to attract the talent you want.  

Crafting that description is not an easy thing to do, especially considering that 63% of all new job openings in 2016 came from the creation of new positions.  So, how do you create a compelling and effective job description?