Read, Listen, and Subscribe! Get the Most out of Hiring and Recruiting in 2021 with These Experts

Read, Listen, and Subscribe! Get the Most out of Hiring and Recruiting in 2021 with These Experts

By Tricia O'Connor

Digital burnout was already coming before the shift to full-time remote work. When combined with virtual school and volatile social media though, many Americans who work from home are beginning to feel strapped to computers, phones, and tablets. We are inundated with notifications, news, virtual meetings, and tasks. And then there is the endless doomscrolling. 

It’s time to cut the digital clutter. Yes, we all need to stay informed about industry trends and movements, but we don’t need to consume everything all at once, every day. 

Where to start? Here is a list of the essential HR blogs, influencers, and podcasts that are on our radars this year. 

About the List

This list is curated purely from anecdotal evidence; It’s what our team at EBI relies on to stay engaged. In other words, this stuff is highly consumable. There are longtime juggernauts like the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) but there are also a variety of other options for you to consider. We’ve broken them down by general category so if you don’t want to read the whole thing, you don’t have to (how’s that for cutting digital clutter?). Just scroll to your favorite section. 


HR Morning

Consider this the Buzzfeed of HR blogs. Nearly every post is like an expanded listicle, with a set number of tips and then brisk paragraphs with supporting information. Consider these recent headlines:

I look forward to getting HR Morning posts every day. Why? They are ALWAYS timely, ALWAYS on trend, ALWAYS a swift read, and ALWAYS chock full of useful information.

The SHRM Blog

The SHRM blog might not have the same shiny user interface as its actual parent organization’s website, but don’t count out its information. This blog is a great place for the sheer exposure and diversity of its contributors. In the first two weeks of January alone, authors included an adjunct human resources professor, an HR consultant with 30+ years’ experience, a STEAM champion, a French virtual engagement thought leader, an organizational development expert, and the President of SHRM. The result is a blog filled with content that can fuel anyone’s interest. 


Don’t let the drab design of this blog fool you. There is good information here. This is one of the only blogs that includes forward-thinking concepts, behaviors, and trends that may prove to be the next disruptors to the HR industry. Here are a few titles to explain what we mean:

This is the blog to subscribe to if you want to know what the next 20 years in talent acquisition will look like. 

HR Dive

If you appreciate the design and easy navigation of a digital newspaper, then you will love HR Dive. The blog is clearly sectioned, which makes finding what you’re looking for a breeze. There is always a front-page item, top stories, the latest headlines, and most popular stories. If you’re truly looking for niche content, use the tabs at the top to search by topic. As for the posts themselves, they are pragmatic, factual, and news-driven. 


Natasha Bowman

There is one word to describe Natasha Bowman – fearless. She tackles tough and sensitive subjects and is not afraid to ruffle feathers with her commentary on what she thinks needs to change in the American workforce. But she also shares her personal experiences and explains how or why they’ve shaped her perspectives. From participating in social justice protests to uncovering her own unconscious bias, Bowman creates a safe platform to examine the type of people, and employees, we want to be.

Adam Karpiak

Ok, so this talent acquisition expert normally recruits for the public accounting industry, not HR. But that’s not why we visit his LinkedIn profile so much. It’s because Adam Karpiak is witty and clever and his observations about the job search process are so obvious, yet they still make us shake our heads and say, “Why didn’t we think of that sooner?”

Example: “If you require a cover letter as part of your hiring process, I require a cover letter explaining why.”

Karpiak gets thousands of impressions and hundreds of comments per post, which translates to a wealth of relevant interaction from a variety of people in the comments. If you’re an HR pro who is searching for unfiltered insight into how job seekers feel about the hunt, you’ll find it here. 

Shereen Daniels

Known as ‘The HR Conversationalist’, Shereen Daniels has one goal in mind for HR – to dismantle racism in business. Based in the UK as the Managing Director of HR Rewired, she provides actionable advice and goals for folks who wish to provide equitable employment opportunities and accountability practices for all. Her take on a Listening Forum is particularly relevant in our tumultuous society. 

Sharlyn Lauby

You might know Sharlyn Lauby as the author of the HR Bartender blog. With a true focus on thought leadership, strategic HR, and people management, her posts and musings drive organizations forward. She provides solution-oriented information, so employees and managers build essential skills to make their workplaces better. 

Tim Sackett

His blog bio is brilliant: HR Pro, Dad, Backup Point Guard on my Over 40 Men’s Team. Right off the bat, you know exactly who you’re going to get with Tim Sackett. A prolific blogger (2-3 posts per week), Sackett is a sought-after talent acquisition sage. His advice is straightforward, realistic, and grounded in research. Oh, and he has a penchant for weaving rap lyrics into his posts, so that’s fun, too. 


Hiring For What’s Next Podcast

From our partner, Greenhouse, this podcast focuses on expanding people’s hiring mindsets and implementing strategies as catalysts for improving performance, productivity, and innovation. As with most podcasts, it’s only as good as its guest speakers, and this one packs a punch with reps from X (the moonshot factory), BlackRock, Hubspot, and others joining Greenhouse CEO Daniel Chait for each episode. 

Brigette Hyacinth

Not a podcast, but a YouTube channel with nearly 34 thousand subscribers, Brigette Hyacinth delivers high-production-value videos with master class level advice. Her videos feel like you’re at lunch with a high-powered girlfriend who is helping you succeed in life. Each video tackles just one subject and most run less than a half-hour. Fun, fast-paced information for job seekers and HR pros alike. 

HR Happy Hour

An oldie and a goodie, HR Happy Hour launched in 2009 and is the longest continuously running podcast on all things HR. Helmed by the extremely capable, knowledgeable, and energetic Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane, this show uses everything from case studies, analytics reports, trends, and polls to launch into each episode. There is a vast archive to explore and it’s available on Amazon Alexa so you can get a little professional learning in while you get ready in the morning. 

Learn with EBI

Finally, if webinars are more your speed, EBI has a selection of webinars on topics like social media behavior, corporate culture, drug screening, and employee wellbeing. Check out our EBI Resources page for access.

Let us know what you think of our selections! If you’d like to suggest something to us, send us an email.  

About the Author

Tricia O'Connor

Tricia O'Connor

Writer. Digital marketer. Storyteller. An award-winning writer and editor, Tricia O'Connor is the Marketing Content Manager at EBI. Tricia worked as a broadcast and print journalist for nearly two decades writing and producing programming for high-profile networks like ESPN Radio, History Channel, and Hallmark Channel, as well as contributing editorial work to publications nationwide. Tricia joined the EBI marketing team in 2019 and is responsible for content strategy, development, and engagement. Tricia earned a master's degree in journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and is a proud undergraduate alumna of Wheaton College in Massachusetts.

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