EBI Launches Workplace Health & Safety Solution to Keep Employees and Visitors Healthy and Businesses Safe

EBI Launches Workplace Health & Safety Solution to Keep Employees and Visitors Healthy and Businesses Safe
EBI Launches Workplace Health & Safety Solution to Keep Employees and Visitors Healthy and Businesses Safe
October, 7 2020

OWINGS MILLS, MD. – Oct. 7, 2020 – Employment Background Investigations Inc. (EBI), one of the nation’s largest privately-held employee background screening firms, today announces the launch of its Workplace Health & Safety Solution, an end-to-end system designed to meet the safety and health risk needs for small, mid-size, and large enterprises during the pandemic and beyond.

The secure U.S. cloud-based, customizable platform integrates daily biometric authorization for symptom screening for COVID-19 through a mobile app or a plug and play no-contact thermal temperature scanning device at workplace entry points. Through the Command Center Dashboard, authorized users can monitor work locations to ensure safe distancing practices, access critical analytics, manage employee data securely and business operations efficiently to identify and address potential outbreaks in a timely manner.

“The pandemic has accelerated the need for powerful, easy-to-use digital information tools for employees to have the confidence to return safely to work and for businesses and universities to reopen under safe operating conditions,” said Rick Kurland, CEO of EBI. “Most importantly, we’ve designed an end-to-end system digital framework that adheres to local and national safety standards and mitigates the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak within your workplace, and the financial impact that is associated with the health and safety of your employees and business.”

Along with following clear guidelines and “re-entry” protocols that ensure safe working conditions and recommendations from the CDC, employers can use the EBI Workplace Health & Safety Solution to allow employees to screen themselves for COVID-19 symptoms before entering a physical workspace.

The Mobile Employee App provides a simple CDC symptom questionnaire that employees  access on their mobile device every morning at home. If the questionnaire results indicate potential illness, the employee will be instructed to stay at home and an HR administrator will be notified. If the employee successfully completes the questionnaire, they will be issued a QR code for no-contact Thermal Temperature Scanning at the entry of their work facility. Thermal Temperature Scanning detects symptomatic employees and ensures face mask compliance.

The software driving the Thermal Temperature Technology has been designed and developed in the U.S. and allows for temperature detection in under 3 seconds, with measurement accuracy within 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit. This scanner eliminates the need for an individual to get within 6 feet of someone to take their temperature and possibly be exposed to COVID-19.

All employee data is managed securely through the EBI WHS Command Center that monitors activity at multiple work locations for all facilities’ entrance temperature scanners and provides all employee’s daily CDC Questionnaire results. Through the Command Center Dashboards, authorized users have access to essential analytics and receive critical alerts through text and email notifications.

“When we consider the challenges associated with enabling a safe return to work, it’s imperative that employers not only have access to reliable information regarding the health of their employees, but also the ability to act on that information to ensure the workplace is safe and operations are maximized,” continued Kurland. “The EBI Workplace Health & Safety Solution solves for nearly every CDC recommended protocol to assist employers so they can manage and prevent potential outbreaks that may affect their operations and the health and safety of their employees (their most valuable asset) and their communities.”

For more information on the EBI Workplace Health & Safety Solution, please visit www.ebiwhs.com.

About EBI

EBI provides modern background screening, drug testing, occupational healthcare, and electronic i9 solutions for today’s talent acquisition needs. Voted #1 Overall Enterprise Screening provider in the industry in HRO’s Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction survey, as well as number one in Quality of Service and Breath of Service Offering, EBI specializes in creating solutions that complement your existing talent acquisition workflow. With ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Certifications, EBI is committed to providing the most secure, highest quality solutions in the industry. To learn more about EBI, visit www.ebiinc.com.

About EBI Workplace Health & Safety

EBI Workplace Health & Safety is a health and wellness technology platform focused on keeping the workplace running smoothly while ensuring employees are healthy and complying with best practices to keep everyone safe. The platform serves as a central data repository and analytics engine for data collected through employee mobile health apps, thermal scanners, and contact tracing systems. These analytics give employers the insights they need to make critical business decisions to keep the workplace open and operational. Most importantly, these products give employees the confidence they need to safely return to work.

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