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2015 Fair Credit Reporting Conference

blankWhy You Should Attend

There are more than three billion consumer reports filed annually by the Big Three—TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian—and millions more by data resellers, which are specialty consumer-reporting agencies that are also held accountable by the FCRA. As more data is digitized and traded, opportunities for error, fraud, and misuse are on the rise. FCRA disputes are a growing field of consumer law particularly since attorneys can recover fees and receive large payouts.

Whether you have yet to try your first FCRA case or are an experienced practitioner, the 2015 FCRA Conference will offer sessions that will meet your needs. To those who are new to the field, this conference will prepare you to recognize an FCRA case and bring it to a successful resolution. Experienced FCRA practitioners will learn how to expand their practices to encompass more clients, bring more complex cases to successful resolution, and find new partners for co-counseling.

What You Will Learn

  • Get one-on-one feedback and possible solutions from experts on your biggest  challenges
  • Discover how to identify FCRA cases when clients come in with other cases
  • Become successful at differentiating between a winnable and an unwinnable case
  • Acquire strategies for increasing the value of cases and settlements


In addition to substantive panel discussions, this conference will feature ample opportunities for roundtable discussions facilitated by FCRA experts who will offer real-world examples. And because there never seems to be enough time for questions and answers, we will offer an entire session, “Ask the Thought Leaders,” where attendees will be able to ask any questions they may still have.


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