Meet the Experts: The Doctors Behind EBI Workplace Health & Safety

Meet the Experts: The Doctors Behind EBI Workplace Health & Safety

By Tricia O'Connor

There are no people better qualified to understand the uncertainty, sadness, chaos, and anxiety the pandemic has caused than the medical professionals living through it each day. 

These are the doctors, nurses, researchers, and emergency personnel who are in charge of keeping patients alive, keeping fellow staff healthy, keeping policies and procedures in line with current needs and guidance, and keeping the virus from spreading within their facilities. 

It’s critical for any workplace health and safety solution to seek the guidance, leadership, and expertise of medical professionals charged with keeping our population safe. To launch a product aimed at stopping COVID-19 and not relying on real doctors and real science is bad business. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the leading scientific minds behind the launch of EBI Workplace Health & Safety. 

Meet the Experts

Dr. Steven Ludwig and Dr. Charles A. Sansur are the Chief Medical Officers behind EBI Workplace Health & Safety powered by the Soteria platform. Both physicians are part of the University of Maryland Medical System.

Dr. Steven Ludwig and Dr. Sharles Sansur EBI Workplace Health & Safety
Both Dr. Ludwig and Dr. Sansur have been involved in building EBI Workplace Health & Safety since its modest blueprinting. 

Dr. Steven Ludwig is the Director of Quality and Safety for the entire University of Maryland Medical System. He is the Physician Leader for the COVID-19 pandemic and is responsible for shaping hospital policies regarding the treatment management of patient flow of all hospital personnel, patients, and visitors. Dr. Ludwig is a professor of Orthopedics and Chief of the Division of Spine Surgery and Director of the Spine Fellowship Program at the UMMS.

Dr. Charles A. Sansur is the Vice Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery and the department’s Director of Spine Surgery at the University of Maryland Medical System. He is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Neurosurgery where he has been published on the appropriate treatment of patients with spine conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Sansur also sits on the UMMS committee to optimize hospital resources and reduce the risk of disease transmission in the community. 

Leadership You Can Count On

You may have seen our experts in a recent video with SNN’s Jennifer Gladstone. The trio discussed the importance of incorporating a tool like EBI Workplace Health & Safety into businesses’ risk mitigation modeling right now. 

“There’s a lot of uncertainty in today’s environment with all of the suspicions about whether or not the person next to you has a potential risk of transmitting disease,” says Dr. Sansur. “And we basically feel that companies need to build the confidence of both employees as well as consumers. And this type of confidence can be achieved with our work, health, and safety solutions.”

Early in the pandemic, EBI recognized the need for a comprehensive health and safety solution that didn’t just put a band-aid on businesses COVID-19 related concerns, but provided a platform for businesses to battle any illness that erupted. The result of countless hours of research, development, and consultations with our panel of medical experts, is EBI Workplace Health & Safety. 

“We’ve taken best practices as guided by the CDC, the NIH, the Institute of Medicine, the World Health Organization and we’ve made a conglomerate of best practices in how to create a safe return to work. So, by screening patients for disease processes, by following them through contact tracing, by creating a huge command center so your HR, your businesspeople, your C-level suites, are able to get their hands around pertinent data related not only to COVID, but other disease processes as well, creates a safe work environment. We use best practices, we use evidence-based medicine. And by amalgamating all those things together, it creates a very safe environment,” says Dr. Ludwig. 

EBI Can Help

EBI Workplace Health & Safety is a secure U.S. cloud-based, end-to-end customizable platform providing modular options for retailers and all organizations to protect their people and their livelihoods. The platform serves as a central data repository and analytics engine for data collected through employee mobile health apps, thermal scanners, and contact tracing systems. These analytics give employers the insights they need to make critical business decisions to keep workplaces open and operational. 

“The pandemic has accelerated the need for powerful, easy-to-use digital information tools for employees to have the confidence to return safely to work and for businesses and universities to reopen under safe operating conditions,” says Rick Kurland, CEO of EBI.

A backend program like EBI’s Workplace Health & Safety Solution can take the guesswork out of how to implement a standardized return-to-work protocol. This comprehensive solution provides temperature screeningcontact tracing, social distancing monitoring, and operations and risk management in accordance with CDC guidelines, all in one platform known as the HR Command Center.

Having a risk mitigation and health screening solution in a complete suite helps optimize employee and customer safety while maintaining business operations. You want a program that not only provides easy-to-follow instructions and guidelines for employees, but also delivers real-time data and information to management. This helps organizations operate as seamlessly as possible while maintaining top-tier safety standards to protect employees, clients, and visitors.

We’re also excited to be offering a 30-minute COVID-19 Response Review. This exploratory discussion reviews any existing protocols you have in place with the goal of protecting your staff and visitors while maximizing your budget. Together, we’ll identify the right mix of solutions that best integrate with your culture and processes. 

Request your complimentary review today!

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