Meet our Moms: EBI Staffers Send Well Wishes on Mother’s Day

Meet our Moms: EBI Staffers Send Well Wishes on Mother’s Day

By Tricia O'Connor

Mom. Mother. Mum. Mommom.

Moms come by all different names, and are as unique as a thumbprint, but they all seem to have a common thread.

These women who raised us taught us the true meanings of love, laughter, kindness, intelligence, determination, respect, individuality, patience, and comfort.

It’s no wonder, then, when we asked EBI staffers to share stories about their moms to celebrate Mother’s Day, we were overwhelmed by the response.

We hope you find these Moms as inspiring as we do!

Alexis Sizer – Public Records Specialist

My mother’s name is Leslie, and she is sweetest woman I know. She is always so patient and kind! I would consider her to be my best friend no doubt.

Some of the things I love the most about my mom is that she is such a hard worker, she is always putting so much effort in all that she does. I also admire that she is very nurturing of her children (even though we are all adults) and she is so silly and playful with her 3-year-old granddaughter. She has always gone above and beyond for her family. I could not ask for a better woman to call Mom.

Andrew Rowe – Digital Marketing Manager

Meet my pint-sized mini me! If you couldn’t already tell, this little spitfire is my mom, Valerie. But more than that, she’s my friend, my unofficial therapist, a business owner, a cancer survivor, an interior decorator, soccer coach, dog lover, and world traveler.

All the moms out there know how difficult it is to wear “many hats” for your kids. That stress is compounded even more when you’re a single mom. But Valerie handled it all with ease and grace in that awe-inspiring way only a mother can. Moms… how do you do it???

Sure, there were fights along the way. As a teenager, I obviously had everything figured out. My mom certainly didn’t know better than me. But through those growing pains, her strength and dedication as a mother never wavered.

The older I get, the more I realize I’ll never actually have it all figured out (don’t tell 16-year-old Andrew that). But having my mom as my true north and moral compass means I’ll never be lost along the way in this journey called “life.”

Anne Gordon – Implementation Specialist

My mom is a very strong person who is very loving and devoted to her family. 

We have so many interests that we share such as gardening, gaming, church, and music.

She has the best memory when it comes to important dates and knows everyone’s birthday. I’m not sure how I’d remember anyone’s birthday without her! 

She is an amazing and wonderful person, and I am glad she is my mom!

Ashley Underdown – Verifications-Client Support

My mom’s name is Towanda. She is an amazing mom and grandmother to my daughter. She is so caring and so loving. She is the most supportive person I know; if there is anything that I need I can always depend on her. My mother is a free spirit and loves to travel as well as go shopping.

My mother has been working as a Transplant Division Coordinator for 23 years. She helps assess and pre-op patients to go on the transplant list. I admire how much she cares and goes above and beyond for each and every single one of her patients.

My daughter and I love going to my mom’s for the weekends just to spend some quality time watching movies, eating snacks, and as my daughter would say, “having a girls night”. My favorite thing about my mom is how independent and strong-willed she is. She is a go-getter! I learned so many things from her that I still use to this day. I’m so grateful to have a mom who loves me and my daughter unconditionally. I love her deeply and wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.

Dawn Scheckells – Talent Acquisition Specialist

Growing up with my mom, Lori, by my side made me the luckiest person ever! My dad had also been my favorite, but something about Lori was pretty incredible! She had always been my favorite personality in this whole world. I remember as a young child staying home with her while dad was working, and my siblings were at school. Together, she and I would listen to “Paul Harvey” on the radio while we did chores. I loved being a “mini mom”! 

During each weekday at lunch, we would watch “Dark Shadows”. Mom would make us toasted baloney and mustard sandwiches with a side of dill pickle. It was incredibly fun to hang out with her and have her all to myself! As I grew into my own family setting, my mom and I would continue to hang out all the time. She and I would go on weekend getaways with my sisters, go shopping, visit other family members, go to organized sporting events with my children, and drink our coffee on the front porch watching the birds enjoy their birdseed. We even enjoyed dancing in the kitchen to some of her favorite tunes by The Rolling Stones, Beatles, Elvis, etc. We were a bonded pair, she and I! 

My mom was a strong woman – a warrior in fact – who battled through various challenges and conquered all of them until she was 84 years old. She taught me to stay strong and stay the course no matter how difficult; that it may seem like an uphill battle that will never end, but it really is only a temporary measure. She made me think of people who had it so much worse than I did and how I was the lucky one. How I would feel comfort in those hazel green eyes (with a touch of sparkle). Even in her later years, that sparkle never faded. She made me who I am today. She taught me how to be selfless and humble. In her teachings and upbringing, she was always the one that showed me that everyone is treated with dignity, respect, and equality. She taught me to be the mom and grandmother that I am to my own children and grandchildren. 

A year before my mom passed away from dementia, I bought the “Dark Shadows” series and we watched them each weekday while my husband was working and the kids were at school. We would eagerly set up the television trays, eat a toasted baloney and mustard sandwich with a side of dill pickle, and watch an episode or two of “Dark Shadows”. So grateful for every second that I had with her. I think of my mom every single day, but especially on Mother’s Day. Her love is the purest, most gentleness love that I could ever find on this Earth. I have been so blessed to have this beautiful soul in my life!

Julie Mulhern – Director of Human Resources

My mother’s name is Donna, and she is a wonderful mother and grandmother. My favorite thing about my mom, by far, is her kind and caring heart. She loves nature, wildlife, and has a soft spot for animals. She loves to feed the birds and the squirrels everyday with her multitude of feeders and she has even “adopted” the frogs that have taken shelter in her window well. My mother loves tending to her garden and flowers, and keeps her yard always looking beautiful.

My mother is such a strong woman, and also tender at the same time. She became the caretaker for my grandmother before she passed away and did so selflessly, and with so much compassion. What I admire most about my mother was how she was able to hold it all together while my two sisters and I were growing up. My father worked multiple jobs so my mom stayed home and took care of all of us. She was always very attentive making sure to fix us breakfast before school, drive us to the bus stop if it was raining, sit on the edge of our beds and have heart-to-heart talks. There was never a single day when we didn’t have clean clothes in our drawers, rides to and from sport games and dance classes, and a clean, safe, healthy environment to grow up. Growing up as a dancer, I had recitals, plays, and shows constantly. Even though the shows were sometimes the same, I could always look out in the audience and see my mother sitting there, smiling like it was her first time seeing it.

Family is everything to her. All these years later, I look back with such a grateful heart as I realize that my mom, too, had dreams and aspirations, yet she set those to the side time and time again because we were her priority even over and above herself. According to the dictionary, a best friend is “a term of endearment for one’s closest and most cherished friend.” I am so incredibly grateful to have a wonderful mother that is also my best friend.

Karen Carey – Adjudication Specialist

My Mom was the glue that held our family together. She happily spoiled my father, brother, and I on a daily basis. 

The thing that I like best about my Mom is how cool she was. Most of her friends were younger than she was and she could always keep up. She would entertain my friends and I by dressing up like a biker on a dare, teasing her hair like a witch to scare us, teaching us the cha cha on the back patio, riding my pony across the front lawn laughing the whole time, and so much more. Oh, the stories I could tell, lol. 

She was loved by many. She is gone now; however not a moment goes by that I don’t remember how special she was as my mother and my best friend. I was so lucky to have her.

Kristine Redko – Enterprise Account Manager

Here is a picture of me with my mom Judy, and my daughter Katya.

 I have boy/girl twins, and it amazes me how much Katya is like my mom (even more than she’s like me). They are both sensitive, compassionate, sharp as a tack, and also very picky about how they like things arranged and organized in life. I’m more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants gal, but these two keep me focused when I have a lot on my plate and try to “do it all.” 

My mom reminds me of what’s most important in life.

She has overcome so many personal tragedies, but her faith in God and in me has prevailed every time, and that gives me strength and courage to achieve everything I want in life. Love you, mom! ❤ 

Marti Kurland – Global Design Culture

My mom, Barbara, is the most positive, soulful, eclectic, and supportive person I have ever met. She has been a rock for me and my family always putting us first and dropping anything she is doing to be there for us. She is a very special grandma, and we call her Bubby, which is Yiddish. Every morning and night she sends my kids and I individual positive loving texts filled with comments about the weather, how much she loves us (she is a big fan of dramatic expressions like to the moon and back a trillion times), her plans for the day, and her famous endings FILLED with emojis! She is the absolute queen of creative emoji use. I enjoy starting and ending my day with this amazing and playful expression of love and hope with good vibes from my mom.

Barbara is a phenomenal pianist having been taught by her grandmother at the age of 5 and we love to sit and listen to her play. When I was younger she always played after dinner and in the early morning. Her favorite pieces to play are Broadway and old show tunes, John Denver, Barry Manilow, and Neil Diamond songs. My mom says that music is her meditation and can often be found listening to everything from Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, Native American pan flute music, or Celtic Thunder to name a few.

Barbara also loves to read historical fiction and biographies. She is a fast reader often plowing through thick novels in just a few days. When she was in her 30’s through 50’s she enjoyed living history through primitive black powder camping trips throughout the United States. She also thoroughly enjoys watching cooking shows and experiments with new recipes that she often shares with us in fine detail in those daily texts.

What I love the most about my mom is how she accepts everyone for who they are without judgment of any kind. I adore how strong she is and how she turns any situation around with a positive outlook. She has endured a lot of loss and struggle in her own life yet each and every day shows us by how she lives that you can never let anything get you down for too long. Her mantra is to keep moving forward-stay positive! With my Mom in our lives, we can’t possibly be anything but!

Patrice Montford-Mayes – Implementation Specialist

What can I say about this amazing woman whom I call Mom (her real name is Johnnie Ruth Montford). SHE is LOYAL… SHE is RESILIENT… SHE is NURTURING… SHE is SELFLESS…

She, along with our father, who recently celebrated 50 years of marriage, raised my sister and I as respectful, kind, and caring humans. I am sure that is what she is most proud of. Mom is the perfect example of what a wife and mother should be. 

At the age of 20, my mother who is one of 13 children (the youngest of eight girls), moved from a little town in Georgia to New Jersey during the 60s in search of better opportunities in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement. Fortunately, she landed a great job at AT&T and retired after 34 years of employment which was in perfect timing as it allowed for her to care for her firstborn grandchild.

My mother is a woman who did not think twice to put others first. She helped to care for my father’s mother who suffered from Alzheimer’s without hesitation. Not only was she my mother, but she was also a second mother to several neighborhood children. Everyone knew how well she cooked and with that our kitchen was full with neighborhood children ready to eat. She has the biggest heart and is always willing to help family and friends in any way. To this day friends stop by and thank her for teaching them life skills that they have shared with their children.

This wonderful lady enjoys spending time with her family, especially her four grandchildren telling stories about the old days, going to church, and cooking. She also loves to shop and NOT online, but from store to store (not even a global pandemic can stop this sassy 77-year-old). 

Percy Weir – Verifications Analyst

My Mom, Janet, has always been incredibly headstrong, self-sufficient, and a go-getter; qualities of hers that generally serve her well, though it can occasionally lead to miscommunication when strangers aren’t yet accustomed to her communication style. She is a very “no-nonsense” person when on the job and affords little time for extensive emails or circular inquiries – if requiring any assistance whatsoever, Mom will find precisely who can help her with the task. If no assistance is available, she is immediately determined to see the issue through to completion herself. These qualities carried my Mom through a software programming job she obtained in the 80s after giving birth to my older sister, and as far as I know, she has not had any need of a new job since and continues to be a highly valued asset to her workplace, particularly now that she is the only employee at her location familiar with the operation of certain older systems and computing machines which are sometimes still required for her work.

Despite her assertive style at work, she is often far more relaxed around family and enjoys quality time of all sorts with family and friends alike. When pool season opens up in her state of residence, she removes the tarp cover to the pool in her backyard and immediately puts it to use. Mom claims to prefer quiet time alone most of all, and while I know this is true, I continue to insist to her she is one of the most energetic and outgoing people I know. Mom loves to entertain and cook for people she is close with and enjoys evenings out with Joe, my stepfather, having dinner, and listening to music from local bands in her area. Before vaccination was publicly available, social distancing requirements made it quite difficult for Mom to find enough entertainment and social interaction while following CDC guidelines. Now that they are both fully vaccinated, they are back to frequenting their favorite public venues while continuing to adhere to CDC recommendations.

Mom is also passionate about dance in all styles. Evenings out with Joe often not only include local music and food but cutting loose on the dance floor as well. They occasionally take lessons together to learn new styles of dance or participate in planned “flash dance” events at Virginia Beach. In addition to dancing and cooking, she also loves to garden and shop local produce at the nearest farmer’s market. Her backyard has an extensive garden of home-grown herbs and vegetables that Joe assists in maintaining.

Stacy Ward – Implementation Specialist

This is my Mom Alice! She is the best “Mommom” to my girls and was always there to help anytime I was in a bind; she even rearranged her work schedule to help me get them to and from school. 

She loves her family which includes five brothers and sisters (for which she is the baby, and my Aunt Ida reminds everyone of that)! 

For fun, my Mom and Dad both enjoy spending time at the Casino. My mom was the primary caregiver for my Grandfather before he passed. Poppop was my Dad’s father and moved in with my parents after my Grandmother passed away. He, unfortunately, had quite a battle with dementia at the end and my Mom was his rock. Even though he could be tough and push her limits, when she was not there, he would always tell you how “Alice” handled things for him. My Mom is the absolute best, she never puts herself ahead of others and for that I could not love her more!

Tricia O’Connor – Marketing Content Manager

My Mum’s name is CJ and she is the best Mum and grandmother in the world. She is always stylish (pink hair!), works out like a fiend (6-mile walks on the beach every day after her gym workouts or tennis or golf), and helps me at a moment’s notice with my children. They love having sleepovers at their grandparent’s house. She will garden with my son and play makeup with my daughter. 

My Mum was a nurse for many years and definitely taught me how to be a calm caregiver. I watched in awe as she took care of her own mother, my grandmother, for years until Gigi passed away. My Mum also loves to read and (cheat at – sorry, mum) Words with Friends! She listens really well if I have a problem and tries to comfort me. She is fiercely independent and continues to be a lifelong learner and grow stronger in her convictions and beliefs as a feminist, which is a wonderful thing to model for me and her grandchildren.

I think my absolute favorite thing about my mother is that she will always claim to have NEVER seen a particular movie, and then when we turn it on, she’ll go, “Ohhhhh…. wait, have I seen this before?” She is funny, beautiful, and loves us all unconditionally. Happy Mother’s Day Mum!!

And Happy Mother’s Day to all the fantastic moms around the world. We celebrate you!

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