75 Job Posting Sites For Your Next Hire

75 Job Posting Sites For Your Next Hire

By Jennifer Gladstone

Millions of college students are graduating into the worst job market in recent history. The latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show the national unemployment rate at 6.2%.

A recent study shows hiring for entry-level college grad positions has fallen 45%.

This is on top of 2020 data that reported roughly 8% of companies had planned to revoke job offers to last year’s crop of graduates.

We’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of must-know job sites for college grads (or anyone, for that matter).

Some job posting sites are totally free, while others cost a fee but will get you a premium listing. Click on the categories below to jump to the section you wish to view for the best job posting sites.

Page last updated: March 22, 2021

Free Trial
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Top Free Job Posting Sites



Primarily a way to connect venture capitalists to entrepreneurs, Angel.co is also a great place to go if you are looking to bring on any level of assistance in a start-up venture. Connecting talent, money, and the dream starts here.

Industry: Startup Jobs


Angular Jobs


A super-niche site designed entirely for those seeking to hire digital designers and engineers. Developers are located internationally, so this is great for a company seeking to globalize.

Industry: AngularJS Developers



Website screenshot for Doostang

This free posting site is generally for companies seeking “elite young professionals”. It is ideal for firms looking for an influx of new talent from a younger pool of applicants.

Industry: General – leaning toward management and finance.



Website screenshot for Hound

The opposite of an aggregating site — this brings candidates in by flipping the script and creating a membership model. This means a streamlined service that can claim excellent applicants and avoids scams or spam.

Industry: General


Hubstaff Talent

Website screenshot for Hubstaff-Talent

An excellent site for recruiting remote and freelance talent, nationally or internationally. Further services help employers to cultivate, run, and maintain a remote team.

Industry: Remote workers


Job is Job

Website screenshot for Job-is-Job

An aggregating site that claims to have almost 5 million listings from over 140k sources. Free for employers to post.

Industry: General


Job Spider

Website screenshot for Job-Spider

This 100% free listing site has spam and scam awareness to avoid wasting time and energy. Listings are entirely free and any money they make is from advertising rather than job seekers or employers.

Industry: General



Website screenshot for Job-Zoom

JobZoom offers employers quick access to their postings, activity tracking, and campaign management with an easy-to-use dashboard. Free posting is available, but you can also pay for bigger exposure and targeting.

Industry: General



Website screenshot for Jobsite

An easy-to-use and inexpensive job matching site. The ability to inexpensively boost a listing’s performance with small amounts of additional cash is key. Free with premium options starting at $10.

Industry: General



Website screenshot for Ladders

Designed strictly for those looking for elite-level professionals, Ladders is only for companies offering higher-tier salaries. It boasts a massive database, and over 8 million applicants use the service.

Industry: Business Professionals



Website screenshot for Live-Career

This is a site that primarily offers comprehensive resume and interview services for applicants. However, it is also a great place to engage active and motivated new hires.

Industry: General



Website screenshot for Malakye

Focused entirely on the outdoor lifestyle industry, this site is designed for employers seeking explorers. Job listings are free.

Industry: Outdoor and Lifestyle Industries



Website screenshot for Oodle

Classified ads site that allows for free posting. It has improved organization over most classified sites, with appealing internal job search tools and social media engagement.

Industry: General


Post Job Free

Website screenshot for Post-Job-Free

A clear aggregator site with simple intuitive tools. Also features alerts that tell recruiters when anyone with relevant skills has uploaded a resume to their site. Free, with premium options starting at $24.99 per month for 2 jobs.

Industry: General


Remote Tech Jobs

remote tech jobs

A job board with 3,000 active remote jobs focused on the Tech industry. Includes excellent search-and-subscribe functionality and 39 unique job categories.

Industry: Technology



Website screenshot for Upwork

A very sleek and useful site that allows you to vet potential freelancers for any position. The site includes ways to easily pay these hires, communicate with them, and coordinate milestones for projects. Free with premium options for more visibility.

Industry: Freelance work


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Top Job Posting Sites with Free Trials


Website screenshot for iApplicants

Offers ways to screen and track applicants easily. The service also has resources for employers including offering help with tracking and scheduling interviews as well as other useful employer-based applications.

Price: Free 30-day Trial. $55 Per Month

Industry: General



Website screenshot for Jobxoom

Convenient resume-seeking services mainly focused on the tech industry. Though jobs range internationally, the US is a primary target for these listings.

Price: First 90 days Free. $399 for 6 Months (Up to 300 Jobs)

Industry: Tech


Mighty Recruiter

Website screenshot for Mighty-Recruiter

If you are not sure about how best to structure your listing, Mighty Recruiter offers services to help you fine-tune your job post and then sends it to be listed on this and other major job search sites.

Price: Free Trial Period. $189 Per 3 Job Posts

Industry: General



Proven is now Upward.net. The objective is to combine the Proven features with the Upward.net job distribution platform so that you can get even more candidates and have more flexibility than before.

Price: Varies. “One size does not fit all.”

Industry: General



Website screenshot for Ziprecruiter

A large-scale aggregator, drawing from over 100 sites. The site boasts 9 million applicants, fast follow-ups.

Price: Free trial period, $199 Per Posting


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Website screenshot for Actuary

A resource for employers looking for actuarial talent as well as a place where practicing actuaries can connect and gather materials. The various resources available make this an attractive site for both passive and active job seekers.

Price: $215 Per Post

Industry: Actuarial


All Retail Jobs

Website screenshot for All-Retail-Jobs

Retail focused, this site looks at new hire placement for your company at every level, not just retail sales. From entry to high-level management they boast placement for large-scale companies like Kohls and Chipotle.

Price: $118 – $335 Per Post

Industry: Retail and Logistics



Using a sophisticated set of predictive tools, Appcast tries to make the recruiting process more intuitive and take the guesswork out. Listings you put on Appcast are treated similarly to a digital ad and spread to over 6000 websites.

Price: Pay Per Applicant

Industry: General


Association Forum

Website screenshot for Association-Forum

A niche site the has many resources for those with a need for applicants with experience working in medical associations. Many of these jobs are located in Chicago, which is where most medical associations tend to be listed. The careers portion of the site is surrounded by a forum and profiles of applicants and includes career advice.

Price: $300 Per Post

Industry: Association Jobs


Authentic Jobs

Website screenshot for Authentic-Jobs

Specifically for wooing creative tech designers, the site has a hip, silicon valley vibe and looks for applicants with similar aesthetics. They boast placements with Apple, eBay, Squarespace, and other high-level corporations.

Price: $100 to $400 for 60 Day Listing (Depending on Job, Bulk Discounts Available)

Industry: Creative Design and Information Technology


Career Builder

Website screenshot for Career-Builder

A massive “human capital solutions” site, it lives with Monster and Indeed in the pantheon of expansive jobsites. They cite 80 million applicants monthly and a huge range of potential candidates.

Price: $240 – $419 Per Job Post

Industry: General



Website screenshot for Coroflot

Specializing in jobs for digital designers and creative artists, Coroflot is a site unique to targeting artistic talent. It features ease for viewing artist portfolios and claims it is the place to hire top-flight designers.

Price: $275 – $1,850 Per Post

Industry: Designers and Artists



Craigslist Website

The ubiquitous classifieds website is also a very useful site for posting employment opportunities. However, this is best used for low or entry-level positions as the site also can generate a great deal of unwanted traffic. In some areas listings are free, but in more populous places there is a nominal fee.

Price: $15 (Depending on Location)

Industry: General



Website screenshot for Dice

A site that lives in the tech sphere offering the option of targeted campaigns and highlighted posts. The recruitment package sources resumes so it can offer only the most qualified candidates.

Price: $250 – $395 Per Post

Industry: Tech Professionals



Website screenshot for Facebook

Of course, the social media giant also has the facility to foster quality hires. Use your network to get your employment posts circulating and then boost and target ads and posts to woo the ideal candidate. Passive users — who might not even know they were looking — have a chance to see your ad too.

Price: Budget Based

Industry: General



Website screenshot for Flexjobs

Service specifically for those looking for remote or freelance workers. Because it is a subscription service for applicants, it weeds out a large percentage of less than qualified candidates.

Price: $14.96 Per Month Minimum or $29.95 Per Quarter Minimum or $49.95 Per Year Minimum

Industry: Remote/Freelance



Website screenshot for Geebo

This classifieds site is similar to craigslist. A pretty vanilla listing page, it also focuses on employment. Unlike Craigslist, it claims to more comprehensively sort undesirable listings or applicants.

Price: $64.75 – $75 Per Post

Industry: General



Website screenshot for Glassdoor

A jobsite and a company review database, Glassdoor has information on your company such as salaries, and comments that will be useful for applicants to understand the culture of your office before sending in their resume. This facet saves you time on the other end as you field more candidates that are ideally suited to the position.

Price: $99 Minimum (Depending on Location)

Industry: General


Grad Leaders

Website screenshot for Grad-Leaders

Focuses on transitioning students out of college and graduate programs into practical positions. If you are searching for entry-level talent it is an ideal site for your listing.

Price: $195 Per Post Minimum or $995 Per Year

Industry: New Graduates


Higher Ed Jobs

Website screenshot for Higher-Ed-Jobs

An elite site for those seeking to fill positions in the realm of higher education. Ideal for universities looking for faculty or staff on any level from adjunct to full professors.

Price: $295 For Up to 60 days For 1 Post

Industry: Higher Education



Website screenshot for Hired

Hired asks that companies be vetted and become members of their site before being able to submit listings. However, once a member, the site boasts quick response time, eager applicants, and scaled pricing to save you money.

Price: Pay Per Applicant

Industry: Developers, Designers, and Product Managers



Website screenshot for Idealist

Idealist’s mission is to connect people who want to do good with opportunities for action. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, they only allow specific types of organizations to post, such as government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and social enterprises.

Price: $90 for Nonprofits and Government Agencies, $110 for Social Enterprises

Industry: Non-profit jobs



Website screenshot for Indeed

An industry leader known as the largest job site in the world. They boast over 200 million visitors a month from 60 countries. It’s a catch-all and must use for companies of any size.

Price: $10 Per Listing

Industry: General


Jewish Jobs

Website screenshot for Jewish-Jobs

The premier site for listing jobs in the Jewish sector including for Jewish organizations, synagogues, and camps. A weekly newsletter is a useful tool that comprehensively lists positions by location.

Price: $199.98 for 1 Post, Rates for Additional Posts

Industry: Judaica



The site claims to be an excellent resource and a way to connect with over 20,000 resumes per month. They also offer access to a resume database so you can target passive users as well.

Price: $349 Per Month for 3 Job Postings

Industry: General


Jobs 2 Careers

With a model that allows for those looking for help with full-time, part-time, or just gigs, this site is a listing opportunity for those looking for a variety of different kinds of work. Listings are pay per click.

Price: Pay Per Click

Industry: General


Jobs In Logistics

Specializing in supply chain and logistics hires. They cite the ability to connect to thousands of qualified applicants. The ideal job board for those in need of someone with this specific skill set.

Price: $118 – $335 Per Post

Industry: Logistics and Supply Chain


Jobs Radar

A site that caters particularly to connecting with local talent (or potential hires that live in a certain geographic area). They claim large-scale visibility to those who are looking at a particular zip code when considering their next position.

Price: $200 – $1080 Per Month or $2,200 – $11,664 Per Year

Industry: General



A quick and simple site that allows speedy access to your listings. They cite 500k employer accounts and over a million resumes.

Price: $29 Per Month, $79 Per Quarter, $199 Per Year

Industry: General



JuJu gives employers a chance to list jobs directly on a price-per-click basis. Because it is an aggregator it also posts jobs across a large number of other listing sites.

Price: Pay Per Click

Industry: General



Strictly designed for the creative industry with ease for viewing portfolios and seeking artistic talent. It boasts placement with Apple, The New York Times, ESPN, and more.

Price: $125 – $199 Per Post, $299 Per Month Membership

Industry: Digital Media and Creative Design



The site that allows you to fashion a professional network and display your digital resume is an ideal environment for those connecting with viable candidates. The ability to see connections between your applicants and your company is a great bonus when looking for recommendations.

Price: Price Based On Location

Industry: General



For those seeking quality applicants in media, marketing, and design. The site claims 1 million registered users and over 100k job views per month.

Price: $297 Per Post

Industry: Media



One of the top three job sites (with Indeed and Careerbuilder) Monster is another way to get to a vast pool of candidates. It is a bit expensive, but costs go down with multiple posts.

Price: $134 – $425 Per Post

Industry: General



Website screenshot for Nexxt

Nexxt helps companies discover ideal hires using a suite of recruitment strategies that include postings and resume database access as well as display ads. This array of tactics, they boast, will help whittle down the 60 million job seekers to your ideal candidates.

Price: $199 Per Month ($1790 Per Year Minimum)

Industry: General



Website screenshot for Resumark

On this site, it is free to search resumes, but you have to pay to download them. On the other side, they pay applicants for clicks on their uploaded resume, with the goal of getting a higher level of candidate.

Price: Free to Post, But Pay Per Resume Downloaded

Industry: General



Website screenshot for SalesGravy

Designed for attracting sales candidates, the site features tips and articles relevant to elite sales applications. With placement of over 1 million salespeople, and active social media, blog, and other digital collateral, it’s a solid resource if you’re looking for someone with sales skills.

Price: $199 – $999 Per Month

Industry: Sales


Snag A Job

Website screenshot for Snag-A-Job

With a focus on hourly wage earners, many of the represented listings are in the hospitality arena, matching waitstaff, retail, or hotel workers with positions. The site also includes hiring and scheduling solutions for those using hourly earners.

Price: $89 Per Month Minimum

Industry: General (With Focus on Hourly Workers)


Talent Zoo

Website screenshot for Talent-Zoo

A job site that leans toward advertising, marketing, and creative design-based positions. If you are seeking professionals in communications this site is ideal.

Price: $249 Per Post

Industry: Advertising, Marketing, Design and Creative, Information Technology


Tech Fetch

Website screenshot for Tech Fetch

Boasting 2 million plus tech-related candidates, TechFetch is a premier site for IT-specific hires. With the ability to sort by specific skills, employers have the opportunity to weed out unqualified candidates.

Price: $1499 – $2499 Per Year

Industry: Information Technology


US National Labor Exchange

Website screenshot for US Jobs

A non-profit site managed by fourteen Fortune 500 companies that helps reduce recruitment costs with direct hire management. Caters particularly to veterans and early careers.

Price: $25 for 30 Days

Industry: General



Website screenshot for YouTern

Over 40,000 visitors per month come to youtern.com to match with your internship positions for business-level positions. They work with companies like TripAdvisor and Google to help them find applicants for their educational programs.

Price: $25.75 – $39 Per Post

Industry: Internships


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Job Posting Sites With Pricing Upon Request

Career Bliss

Website screenshot for Career-Bliss

This “cultural job search engine” gives employers the ability to share information about company culture and allows applicants to compare salaries and read testimonials in order to better understand how they might fit in. the opportunity to pay for sponsored advertising as well.

Industry: General


Clearance Jobs

Website screenshot for Clearance-Jobs

The premier security-cleared career network that specifically lists defense and intelligence jobs. If you need new hires with security clearance, this site courts those with that resume qualification.

Industry: Jobs That Require Security Clearance


College Recruiter

Website screenshot for College-Recruiter

Specifically focused on matching your company with entry-level and college transitioning students into the workforce. Also useful for posting quality internships, if looking for interns.

Industry: General


Diversity Jobs

Website screenshot for Diversity-Jobs

It has been shown that a diverse workforce is more efficient. Diversity Jobs is dedicated to making sure the hiring process for minority populations is managed well and it is helpful for all those looking for qualified and diverse candidates.

Industry: General



Website screenshot for Jobhat

A job search engine that allows employers to post listings and will also aggregate a listing from the most popular sites. Caters mainly to blue-collar trades.

Industry: General



Website screenshot for Jobs-Flag

This aggregator has a membership model that allows for members to post listings and create profiles for potential applicants. It is a clean and powerful tool to use for posting full or part-time positions.

Industry: General



Website screenshot for Resume

A resume-building site that primarily helps applicants tailor their CV for specific positions. However, the site also features a robust jobs listing board. Employers can be assured that candidates are at least motivated enough to have newly tweaked resumes.

Industry: General


Top USA Jobs

Website screenshot for Top-USA-jobs

Aggregating site designed for larger companies looking for larger pools of candidates for multiple positions. Allows employers to create a profile and showcase their brand.

Industry: General


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A Note About Our Job Posting Sites

Like the job market, the different job posting sites listed here may vary as new sites are created and others are removed. We’ve made every effort to ensure this list is complete and accurate. As such, the number of sites we’ve listed may vary slightly from the original 75 when this was created in 2017.

To have your website included on this list, please email marketing@ebiinc.com with your site name, URL, industry, pricing model, and brief summary about your website.

Page last updated: March 22, 2021

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