Background Checks for Non-Profit and Volunteer Organizations

Groups working with the more vulnerable in our society such as children, the sick and the elderly, have a great responsibility to protect those they are trying to help.  Yes, money is always a concern for these groups, but background screening is not the place to cut corners.

An undetected sex offender, violent felon or even a white-collar criminal could hurt an individual, or they could destroy the trust and credibility of your entire organization.

EBI’s innovative web-based screening solution, VolunteerCheck, meets the unique needs of any volunteer organization.  We offer web-based access and the ability for volunteers to self-register and pay for their own background check, if your organization desires.  EBI can even generate automated approval letters and certification cards for easy identity verification.

Whether you run a youth sports league, a charity or a religious organization, EBI can help you make sure your volunteers are reputable, professional and reliable.

VolunteerCheck can:

  • Conduct complete background checks including Sex Offender Registries
  • Generate automated approval letters
  • Provide certification cards for easy identification
  • Allow volunteers to register and pay for their own background check
  • Allow affiliates to share information
  • Reduce the threat of negligent hiring litigation lawsuits
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