Background Checks for Staffing Companies

Many staffing professionals don’t realize that they can be liable for the actions of the candidates they place. Negligent hiring and vicarious liability are great threats to any staffing firm.  That said, most staffing firms don’t do any background screening because it is just too time consuming and too costly.

That all changes if a candidate you placed causes harm to a fellow employee or customer.  You can be sued if it is proven that the staffing firm should have known, or could have known, about past violent acts.  

For just a few dollars you can avoid this and know exactly who you are hiring.  

  • Protect their clients against workplace violence
  • Decrease the chances of placing unqualified candidates
  • Help place credible candidates
  • Provide a positive and professional image to their clients
  • Reduce the costs of training and turnover
  • Reduce the cost of employee theft and embezzlement
  • Reduce the threat of negligent hiring litigation lawsuits

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