Retail Background Checks

The high rate of turnover in this industry makes pre-employment background checks extremely important. Our comprehensive line of background screening services will quickly let you know if an applicant has a criminal history and if they are telling the truth about things like previous employment and education.  

EBI understands that retailers need a fast, accurate and cost effective way to hire quickly.  

It doesn’t matter if you are a small Mom & Pop retailer or a global enterprise. EBI has the tools you need to protect your business. Plus, our one-stop solution, J-One™, makes the process easy to manage.

Background checks will help you detect past offenses of theft, embezzlement and the ever looming liability of sexual predators. EBI will help make sure your candidate has the right credentials and job experience to meet your needs.

Retailers conducting screening through EBI’s suite of services will:

  • Protect their customers against workplace violence

  • Reduce costs of training and turnover

  • Decrease the chances of placing unqualified candidates

  • Reduce the cost of employee theft and embezzlement

  • Provide a positive and professional image to their client

  • Reduce the threat of negligent hiring litigation lawsuits


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