We're Proud to be an iCIMS Customer Choice Partner

EBI and iCIMS have a lot in common and that's why we work well together! iCIMS provides a cloud-based recruiting software purpose-built for commercial businesses and large, global employers to help create better candidate experiences, reduce job advertising spend, grow your talent pools, and more.

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A Feature-Rich Integration

EBI’s pre-built integrations with iCIMS delivers:

Configurable Workflow

Define or configure your background screening process to easily fit into your hiring workflow.

ETA Feature

EBI posts real-time, 90-day rolling notifications and analytics within SuccessFactors so you can make more informed hiring decisions.

Package Change

You can navigate directly from the candidate’s record in iCIMS to the EBI platform, and make on-the-fly adjustments to your predefined screening packages.

Flexible Architecture

We're able to take on the majority of the integration work, including field mapping, data transformation, and deployment. You won’t need to play intermediary between EBI and iCIMS to get your systems hooked up. Even if there’s something we can’t do from our side, we’ll reach out to iCIMS directly.

Multi-User Ordering

Allows one user to submit the draft order, and a different user to complete the submission process and control access to the report. This feature also tracks which user executed which tasks. You can even add extra security to your screening process by limiting access per report versus per user.

Individualized Candidate Experience

EBI and iCIMS provide individualized experiences designed to keep your employees happy, productive, engaged, and growing.

Using EBI through iCIMS is seamless, fast, and easy to navigate with just one point of initiation for your global employment screening and drug testing needs.

In a few clicks, candidates can automatically receive background check requests, input information and authorizations, and check the status of their report at any time.

Client Care You Can Count On

Backed by our one-of-a-kind Trusted Advisor Program, EBI is the most awarded screening provider in the industry. But don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself! Our U.S.-based customer service team means we’re committed to providing the best experience possible.

Why Do Enterprise Clients Choose EBI?

We are the most-awarded screening company in the HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings list. For nearly 30 years, we’ve helped HR, ATS, and other recruiting software leaders optimize the talent acquisition process.

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