How Employers Can Help Get Labs Back on Track

How Employers Can Help Get Labs Back on Track

By Jennifer Gladstone

Last week we brought you a special report regarding the nation’s overloaded drug testing facilities. Hurricanes and some new DOT regulations hit the testing industry hard, but it all would have been manageable had the labs not already been drowning in COVID tests.

“When COVID came to be, a lot of the labs diverted a lot of their resources to their staffing, working on COVID testing, which makes sense,” says EBI VP of Drug Testing, Occupational Healthcare and Wellness Program, Heather Horn.

And COVID testing grew, consuming more and more of the labs’ time and resources. The four labs that handle the majority of employment drug testing are LabCorp, Quest, Abbott, and CRL. They are all in the process of hiring and training staff in an effort to get ahead of the demand, but until COVID testing slows, there may be little that can be done to improve their output.

This is where employers come it. Transitioning from a lab-based COVID testing system to an instant test that provides results in just a few minutes, could help lighten the load in the labs, while speeding up results in the process.

EBI is now offering Inteliswab to its customers.

“It’s a little bit different than the web-based tests that we do utilize and provide to our clients right now” says Horn. “It’s a nasal swab and you get a result back within 30 minutes and it is very accurate.”

This rapid test works whether you have symptoms, or not. It can be used in the workplace or at home. And, as Heather mentioned, it is accurate.

Inteliswab is available to all EBI customers, but there is a bit of a delay in getting them delivered – as with so many consumer goods right now. EBI customers are looking at delivery around mid to late November. But if clients are interested in the product and then want to go ahead and order it, they can go ahead and order it now, get put on the list. And that way, when the shipments are available, they’ll get them in a more timely fashion.”

While you wait, our lab-based, self-collection kits are available now. These are sent to your team members at home where they complete an online questionnaire, collect saliva in the provided tube, and then ship it to the lab. It’s a fast, convenient, and secure way of testing your team.

Whatever your choose, EBI is able to provide the COVID testing kits you need to keep your team safe while on the job. For more information contact your account manager or check out

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