How EBI Advocates for Your Business Goals

How EBI Advocates for Your Business Goals

By Tricia O'Connor

A new year brings a new set of business goals. Maybe you’re looking to improve your integrated workflows. Or streamline onboarding time? Or improve your candidate experience? Whatever your goals are, you need a support team who listens to your needs, understands your challenges, shares your ambitions, and most importantly, advocates for your success.

EBI’s Customer Care team does all of this day after day. It’s why we’re the most awarded enterprise background screening provider in the industry. Our industry leading support team includes highly-skilled Client Care Advocates who resolve your calls and inquiries quickly and proficiently, while collaborating with Subject Matter Experts who answer specific questions about delicate topics like compliance, drug screening, or data integrity. Organizing this team to meet your specific business needs and goals is your Account Manager.

Team Player

The main goal of Account Managers is to develop and foster a relationship based on trust and shared expectations between their client and EBI.

Think of your EBI Account Manager as your team captain. Your Account Manager collaborates with you to identify your goals, ensures your needs are being met, and continually optimizes your panel of services. When you call a play – say, adding social media screening to your hiring process – your Account Manager springs into action to make sure each player knows how to perform their job to the best of their abilities. They want you to succeed, just as much as you want to succeed, says Michaele Baker, an EBI Account Manager. 

I think of my role as an EBI Account Manager as placing myself in the position of the client, hiring manager, or HR professional who needs answers. Whether that is providing a new service, explaining the details of a specific type of search, or updating the status of a background check return, my goal is to do all of the above which hopefully equates to the right person being placed in the right job at the right time, thus making our client happy.

EBI Account Managers practice a proactive, informed, and trusted advisor approach with their clients.

Taking Action

Unlike Account Managers at other Consumer Reporting Agencies who are simply there to “oversee” your background check panel, your EBI Account Manager is actively invested in advocating for your success at every step of the process. When you want to make a change to your panel, you deal directly with your Account Manager. Your team captain at EBI doesn’t hand you off to someone else.

Pauline Revei, a Strategic Account Coordinator with EBI, explains how she worked through this process with one of her clients.

North American Lighting has been an EBI client since 2015. There was a recent change with their program with EBI and as a result they needed to adjust settings for current users as well as adding some new ones. Due to the flexibility of our systems, we can accommodate different access levels and communication based on the needs of the client. Account Managers in other companies might turn those type of changes over to someone else, but not at EBI. I’m very happy that the client appreciated the help, but to me, taking care of our clients is what we do. It’s nothing out of the ordinary!

With 21 years of service, Pauline has one of the longest tenures at EBI. Among her colleagues, she is known for her deep knowledge of the screening industry. Clients say she is a strong, active listener who they trust to exceed their objectives.   

A Captain Who Cares

EBI’s Customer Care model enables our Account Managers to continually grow with their clients. We spend a significant amount of time listening to your business needs and goals, understanding your current processes and challenges, and collaboratively cultivating a plan to achieve your goals. But we are also encouraged to learn as much as we can about EBI’s background check services, solutions that can be tailored to meet your needs, and integrated technologies that may streamline your business. This means your Account Manager is always able to provide insight and answers specifically suited to your unique business needs. They are not constrained by a corporate ideology bent on improving its bottom line. It’s your bottom line and happiness that matters to them.

Kristine Redko, an Enterprise Account Manager, has a long history in the screening industry, working for some of the largest CRAs in the nation. She joined EBI last year after searching for a company who would provide her with the flexibility to collaborate across all departments so she could best meet her clients’ needs and wishes. She simply wasn’t getting the same cooperation at larger screening firms.

What I have learned most here, versus working at other CRAs, is that ‘bigger’ doesn’t always mean ‘better’ and we can provide a more personalized experience for our clients, whether it’s compliance related, a more proactive approach to public records management, or a customized drug or Occupational Health Solutions program.

On any given day, Kristine says her role requires her to be a salesperson, public records specialist, DOT expert, compliance sheriff, and public relations representative.

“Account management is a lot of fun, because we wear many different hats,” she says.


So, as you kickstart 2020 with a new roster of business objectives, we encourage you to think about what type of team captain you want executing your game plan. With an EBI Account Manager, you’re partnering with someone who actively listens to you, advocates for your needs, and optimizes the best way to support those goals.

“It’s quite simple really; if I was hiring someone to take care of my mom or manage my business, who would I want on the other end of the phone when I needed answers? One of my fellow account managers,” says Michaele.

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