Healthcare Background Checks

EBI recommends that a comprehensive healthcare background check be conducted on all healthcare employees, including entry-level and temporary staff positions and in accordance with state and federal law.  A search of county, state and national database records and sex offender registries should be conducted on all candidates.  We offer federal exclusion databases such as OIG/GSA along with exclusionary databases searches and Lab Based Medical Professional Testing.

Healthcare Sanctions Report (HSR)

With the EBI Healthcare Sanctions Report (HSR), you are now able to run a healthcare background check on  individuals and entities in the healthcare field against a comprehensive historical database of adverse actions. This includes more than 600,000 adverse records of debarred, disciplined, excluded or sanctioned individuals and entities. HSR reports from more than 800 sources and about 50 types of healthcare professionals ranging from physicians and PA’s, nurses, mental health professionals and pharmacists to home health agencies, hospitals, clinics, managed care agencies and ambulatory services.  Read more about our Healthcare Sanctions Reports.

Medical Professional Testing

Drug abuse by healthcare professionals creates a huge liability for an organization.  Medical Professional Testing is a comprehensive urine test that provides extensive results that are more stringent than current industry standards.  This is a superb option for companies employing healthcare workers with access to pharmaceutical drugs and narcotics.  

Key Benefits:

  • Collections are performed at approved collection sites
  • Expanded Customizable Panels
  • Analysis by SAMHSA Certified Laboratories
  • MRO Reviews
  • Forensically Defensible Results
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