Consistently High Quality

As a privately owned company, we’re not beholden to investment groups. Instead, we've decided to invest in improving business practices, not lining investor pockets.

But delivering a great product is tough. And delivering a consistently great product is much harder.

Consistency requires training, a time-tested management system, and checks & balances. You also need a process to catch mistakes before they become problems. And then to put safeguards in place for the future. That’s why we audit our background checks & verifications each month. It's also why we double-check every positive result for accuracy.

This means you'll always receive compliant, accurate, & timely reports. And if problems arise it means we’ll fix them immediately.

Quality Management Systems

How We Define Quality


Our ISO 9001 certification for quality management helps ensure we remain 99.98% accurate. Our processes and procedures are defined by global ISO standards. And our internal audit programs prevent mistakes before they impact your business. We're happy to share any of our accuracy numbers - email our team to learn more.


We’ve spared no expense when it comes to compliance. Our compliance team advises, audits, and benchmarks every process and procedure each day. Routine monitoring of the legal landscape makes sure you’re always compliant. Educational resources like the Screening News Network and our Compliance Library are available to all our clients.


We’re one of the few NAPBS accredited screening firms in the world to hold an ISO 27001 certification for information security for all our operations. This certification is difficult achieve and covers much more than data storage. From entry security and work station security, to document control it requires a total restructure of operations and data management.


96.92% of our background checks are done within 72 hours. But there’s a difference between getting it done and getting it done right. So we spent almost 25 yrs perfecting our processes. And over that time we've created the most efficient & robust screening infrastructure in the industry. The outcome? Consistently fast results that you can depend on.


Our systems are architected to grow with you. Our screening platform has over 55,000 features that can be configured however you require. And modifications can be made easily and quickly as your business grows and HR objectives change.

ISO 9001 for Quality Management

Discover more about our ISO 9001 certification and how it has enabled us to deliver consistently high quality screening.

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Data Security Advice from EBI's CKO

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