We were lacking account management with our last vendor in a huge way. Just knowing I have someone I can reach out to, along with customer service, is very refreshing... When a company misses on this part of the relationship, it makes everything else seem harder. It really affects it.
Jennifer Hanna | Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Better Customer Service

We’re passionate about customer care. It's just as vital to our success as any other part of our business. When you need assistance, it should be a joy to call us. You should get answers, not the run-around. You deserve to be heard, rather than receiving lip-service. You deserve transparency, not excuses. We're dedicated to creating lasting relationships and earning your trust through honesty and hard work.

Our goal is for you to climb to the rooftop of your building and scream, "I love EBI’s customer service!"

The Numbers Speak For Themselves

Avg. Tenure of Our Support Team

Calls Answered Within Three Rings

Calls Handled by a Live Agent

First Contact Resolution

Our customer service experts go through extensive training so they can resolve your issue on the first call or email. When you reach out to us, we set to work resolving the issue, and doing it quickly. Nearly 100% of incoming calls are answered immediately so you don't end up in voice mail. Questions submitted by email are resolved in ten minutes or less.

U.S.-Based Customer Care

We’ve all been there. You finally get someone on the phone, and instantly you are struggling to communicate, or you feel they are simply reading off a script. With EBI you have an entire Customer Care Team dedicated to your account and the entire EBI Organization supporting you. Every single member is located in our US-based headquarters, so your issues never get lost in translation and your support never leaves our borders.

Help Desk, Support Videos & Chat

Website, chat, or video. However you prefer to get your help, it’s there for you. Our 24/7 online helpdesk includes a searchable database of common questions and a library of instructional videos.