Proactive Account Management

The "PLAN. DO. CHECK. ACT." Approach

Our account management program approaches traditional customer service in a unique way. You can expect a traditional support program to react to your needs. We've taken the traditional reactive approach and blended it with our unique proactive management system.

Our system is a dynamic four-part process based on the ISO standards. The ISO standards ensure quality, safety, and efficiency. And while there are a lot of moving parts to our process, it accomplishes the same. We manage, measure, and benchmark your background screening program’s processes. We're also committed to regular communication and program reviews. Your feedback and the analytics data allows for continuous improvement of your screening program.

Time Saving Support

We monitor news and industry reports for anything that might impact your Drug Testing and Background Screening program. We’ll call your attention to court delays, compliance challenges, & industry changes before you hear it from the field. And we'll quickly alert you to software updates and program changes so there are no disruptions. The result? Fewer phone calls, less waiting, and more time to focus on other projects.

Account Management Team Structure

A Carefully Organized Team Manages All Your Background Screening Services

National Account Executive (NAE)

Each client is assigned a National Account Executive who is responsible for all aspects of your account. Your NAE will understand your business initiatives and work with your team to create your perfect program. This program will evolve as your needs change. Your NAE will communicate and implement program reviews to identify successes, opportunities and ways to improve. For any questions on your Drug Testing Program Management or Background Screening Program Management, you will have direct access to your National Account Executive 24/7 via phone, e-mail or cell.

Strategic Account Coordinator (SAC)

Along with an NAE, each client has a Strategic Account Coordinator to help with the management of their account. Considered the “eyes and ears” of the NAE, they will monitor, interpret and communicate trends based on key performance indicators of your account to ensure program success.

Sales Support Analyst (SSA)

Your Sales Support Analyst will provide the metrics and reporting to the NAE/SAC group to ensure your program is fulfilling your initiatives and goals. They will also assist in administrative functions such as monitoring your invoicing and processing.

Customer Care Representative (CCR)

EBI’s dedicated Customer Care Representatives are your direct resource to handle all day-to-day questions, status updates, clarifications, compliance concerns and other customer related issues about your background screening services. Your dedicated CCRs are trained on your specific protocols and are intimately familiar with your Background Screening and Drug Testing program. Calls to Customer Care are answered promptly without delay, and most emails will have a response within 15 minutes.