Temperature Screening Temperature Screening
Temperature Screening

Protect Employees and Guests with EBI Workplace Health & Safety’s Entry Point Thermal Temperature Scanner

One of the most telling indicators of a COVID-19 infection is a fever. Keep your team safe with our no contact thermal temperature scanners that feature SOC 2 compliant data storage and software developed in the U.S. The customizable kiosk asks employees and guests to complete the CDC’s Questionnaire to determine if they are symptomatic or have been to a high-risk region that could put them at risk for exposure to the virus. Information is captured, encrypted, and securely housed in our U.S. based network with 360º data protection.

The kiosk measures body temperature and is accurate within half a degree. If the scanned temperature is above 100.4ºF a red light will indicate that access has been denied. If temperature is normal, access will be granted. Each kiosk can be customized with stands, accessories, colors, and logos. You also have the option to screen for mask compliance.


  • Easy user and device setup
  • Touchless and accurate thermal scanning
  • Temperature detection in less than 3 seconds
  • Compact and customizable design
  • Entry granted via Microsoft Active Directory, facial recognition, and/or existing badge entry system
  • Kiosk integrates with your payroll system
  • Gives employees and visitors peace of mind

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