Employee Mobile Wellness App Employee Mobile Wellness App
Employee Mobile Wellness App

Giving Everyone Confidence to Get Back to Work

Simple. Secure. Safe.

The EBI Workplace Health & Safety Employee Mobile App is easy-to-use, compliant with SOC 2 data privacy guidelines, and ensures your employees, clients, and visitors confidently return to a healthy environment. Fast and easy, whether on a smartphone app, browser, or desktop, employees receive a private push notification to complete a quick mobile survey and customizable daily health questionnaire. This ensures healthy employees report to the office, while potentially vulnerable employees receive necessary next steps. In less than 60 seconds, you and your employees have the vital information needed to protect the health and wellbeing of your workforce.

Identify Potential Illness Before It Enters Your Workplace


Employees complete a simple CDC recommended questionnaire that checks for potential symptoms as well as potential exposure.


The app generates a clinical-based determination from employees’ answers. If the employee passes, they are instructed to report to work and scan.


Success! Employees who pass the questionnaire and temperature screening are issued a QR code for building entry. A secondary thermal temperature scan may be required at the facility entrance.


Stop! If the questionnaire results indicate a potential concern, the employee will be instructed to stay home and schedule a telemedicine consultation while an HR administrator is notified.

Reduce Risk and Ensure Visitor and Team Safety

  • Easy user and device setup
  • Mobile device or desktop friendly
  • Customizable questionnaires or default CDC questionnaire
  • Secure and compliant data collection
  • Real-time analytics stream to HR Command Center dashboard

See How EBI Workplace Health & Safety Can Help You Protect Your Workplace