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Delivering EBI’s Entire Suite of Screening Services with Just One Seamless Integration

EBI’s technology delivers pre-integrated solutions that help make our clients more competitive in the never-ending quest to assess and on-board world-class talent.  

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J-One’s SMART Integration links seamlessly with any recruiting applicant tracking system and talent management system.  Implement a suite of SMART tools to improve efficiencies, reduce redundant data entry, save money and improve your candidate’s experience.  Submitting requests and getting results has never been easier. 

Recruiting Applicant Tracking System Integrations That Are User and Budget Friendly

Updates to release forms, packages and even new required data fields are handled instantly with no downtime or fees. Modifications that used to take days or weeks are done in just moments—all managed and coordinated by EBI.

J-One’s SMART Synergistic Integration Technology allows all of the following to work in harmony with your recruiting ATS, HRIS or HCM software:
  • Data Mapping
  • System-to-system information protocols
  • Required data fields
  • Global screening requirements
  • Disclosures and Authorization Forms
  • Document Management
  • Mouse Signatures
  • Candidate Portals


EBI's Pre-Integrated Partner Solutions