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Background Screening Program ThroughProcess Excellence

In today’s uncertain landscape, the challenges of an HR department are more acute. Pressure is on to keep costs low and quality high. A major strain on your department’s limited resources is your screening program. You need to improve its efficiencies. EBI is here to help.

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We’re not just a background screening company

Sure, on the surface we look like your typical enterprise screening company. Do a Google search and you’ll find dozens of companies offering similar services. But dig down a little deeper and you’ll discover the EBI Advantage

We offer innovative screening solutions dedicated to human resource automation, optimizing your operations, elevating compliance and security to the highest levels and improving the candidate experience. Translation? You’ll save time, have enterprise-wide compliance, happier candidates, faster on-boarding and a measurable impact on your bottom line. 

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What is screening process excellence?

“Screening Process Excellence” is the way we improve the methodology and technology used to define your screening program to create and deliver superior value. Simply put, when it comes to screening, we improve what you do and how you do it.

Standardization. Technology. Vision. Efficiency.  

Managing numerous offices and hiring on a global scale can make it difficult to see what’s really going on. And knowing something is inefficient with your process is different from knowing how to fix it. And it’s not JUST about lowering operational costs. It’s about aligning tools within your program. It’s about utilizing technologies and removing unnecessary data entry and processes. It's about human resource automation. It’s about seeing what is really happening and achieving efficiencies. That means optimized workflows and less manual intervention which results in time savings, better results, lower program costs and a better work-life balance.

just one solution

Just One Solution

With J-One, your entire background screening, drug testing and occupational health programs run seamlessly on Just One Platform.

Our team of operational architects utilizes EBI SMART screening Technology℠ to design a customized solution to deliver screening process excellence.  With Just One solution, utilize Integrations, Candidate Portals, Kiosks and Vendor Modules to reduce data entry and increase efficiencies.  Go paperless with Electronic Signatures, utilize SMART Forms and e-Chains to control document versions and keep compliant on a worldwide scale.

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