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We're setting the new standard for Customer Care.

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We Treat Our Customers Like People.

Why do some companies work so hard to earn a customer’s business just to pass them off to an automated phone teller – or some overseas call center – the second they really need their help?  

We think good customer service is just as vital to our success as any other part of our business. To us, our clients are not just case numbers and profit margins. They’re people. At EBI, we honor that difference by taking close care to ensure you’re treated with the respect you deserve. We’re dedicated to creating lasting relationships and earning your trust through honesty and hard work.  We have a name for this concept. We call it Business to Humans. And to us, it just seems like common sense.

Here’s how we do it…


customer service made in the USA

Customer ServiceMade in the USA

Business to Humans means preserving your sanity.

We’ve all been there. You finally get someone on the phone, and instantly you are struggling to communicate, or you feel they are simply reading off a script. Sometimes it even feels like the person on the other end doesn’t really know their own business, much less how to improve yours. That will never happen at EBI.

With EBI you have an entire Customer Care Team dedicated to your account. Every single member is located in our US-based headquarters, so your issues never get lost in translation.

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No Offshoring… Period.

Business to Humans means protecting your data.

At EBI we fully understand the sensitive nature of the information we handle, and we fundamentally object to the practice of offshoring. So your candidates' data stays in the US, our screening team stays in the US, and our Customer Care Team stays in the US. 


Real People. Real Answers.

We’re not all robots yet. Business to Humans means not insulting your intelligence.

There is nothing worse than calling for help and landing in a no-man’s land of automated attendants, endless robotic questions and ultimately ending up in a voice mail for someone who is on vacation for the next 6 weeks! When you call EBI, a receptionist greets you and immediately gets you to the person who can solve your problem.

Our Goal: First Call Resolution

Business to Humans means being mindful of your time.

Our customer service experts go through extensive training so they can resolve your issue on the first call. When you reach out to us, our only goal is to resolve the issue, and do it quickly. Nearly 100% of incoming calls are answered immediately, and 95% of them are resolved during that first call.

No matter what the problem is, we believe we have an obligation to fix it. We don’t believe in the band-aid approach or addressing only the surface of the issue. Every problem is an opportunity for us to dig deep and improve our customers’ experience. We believe in “root cause analysis,” and finding a way to prevent a particular problem from ever happening again. The end result is you spend less time on the phone with us, and more time performing critical functions in your organization.


Candidates Are People, Too.

Business to Humans means extending the respect to your candidates.

The A+ customer care doesn't stop at your door. We know that the way we treat your candidates is a direct reflection on you, and we do everything we can to make sure they have a positive experience right from the start. We've made the screening process super intuitive for your candidates to complete, and have even created a help portal specifically for them. In the portal they'll find videos, tutorials, and a chat feature to answer any question they have during the screening process.