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A Proactive Approach to Background Screening And Drug Testing Program Management

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Sure, customer service can take care of your problems, but wouldn’t it be better if they could prevent things from going wrong in the first place?   Our Customer Solutions Program is a dynamic approach to traditional customer care with a core philosophy that is PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE.

Our system is a simple, yet powerful, four-part process that was adopted from ISO-standards.  PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT.  There are a lot of moving parts to this process, but what it boils down to is simple.  We manage and measure your background screening program’s processes and are completely dedicated to continual improvement through benchmarking, analytics and program reviews.  We always have our eyes and ears open for news effecting the management of your Drug Testing and Background Screening program. We’ll call your attention to court delays, compliance challenges or industry changes BEFORE you hear it from the field.  We will alert you to software updates or crucial program changes before it throws a wrench in your day-to-day operations. The result?  Fewer phone calls, less fuss… and very few fires to put out.


A Carefully Organized Team Manages All Your Background Screening Services.

National Account Executive (NAE)

Each client is assigned a National Account Executive who is responsible for all aspects of your account.  Your NAE will understand your business initiatives and work with your team to create your perfect program. This program will evolve as your needs change.  Your NAE will communicate and implement program reviews to identify successes, opportunities and ways to improve. For any questions on your Drug Testing Program Management or Background Screening Program Management, you will have direct access to your National Account Executive 24/7 via phone, e-mail or cell.

Strategic Account Coordinator (SAC)

Along with an NAE, each client has a Strategic Account Coordinator to help with the management of their account.  Considered the “eyes and ears” of the NAE, they will monitor, interpret and communicate trends based on key performance indicators of your account to ensure program success.  

Sales Support Analyst (SSA)

Your Sales Support Analyst will provide the metrics and reporting to the NAE/SAC group to ensure your program is fulfilling your initiatives and goals.  They will also assist in administrative functions such as monitoring your invoicing and processing.

Customer Care Representative (CCR)

EBI’s dedicated Customer Care Representatives are your direct resource to handle all day-to-day questions, status updates, clarifications, compliance concerns and other customer related issues about your background screening services.  Your dedicated CCRs are trained on your specific protocols and are intimately familiar with your Background Screening and Drug Testing program.  Calls to Customer Care are answered promptly without delay, and most emails will have a response within 15 minutes.