Don’t Let the Pandemic Ruin your Halloween Fun

Don’t Let the Pandemic Ruin your Halloween Fun

By Jennifer Gladstone

A huge part of the culture here at EBI is having fun together, and there is no better example of that than our all-out passion for Halloween! We look forward to the pure spectacle of it every year.

Until now… thanks COVID! 

EBI Loves Halloween

I won’t lie and say it’s ok. It does feel like another kick to the gut from 2020. Just one more way it has separated us from people we care about and things that bring us joy.

But we refuse to let COVID-19 steal all our fun!

There are lots of ways we can unleash our inner kids and bond with our coworkers, even if we are still working remotely. That list is coming right up, but first a little EBI Halloween history.

Spooky Beginnings

Every year, teams would spend months planning and plotting their costumes. We’ve had the Avengers roaming the halls, the Duck Dynasty Crew, and other famous faces visiting for the day…

EBI Halloween Costumes

In any Halloween-loving group, there’s always that one guy who always steals the show. For us it’s Bob Ford, one of our Enterprise Account Executives. He’s won the costume contest more times that we can count… people literally roam the halls just to see what he’s come up with this time.

EBI Halloween Costumes

While none of this can happen this year, you can be sure EBI will be celebrating in new ways. Here are some boo-tastic alternatives to get your team into the spirit, too!

Fab-BOO-Lous Virtual Ideas for Halloween

Zoom in Costume

Yes, this seems obvious, but you need to make sure you let everyone know so they can be prepared. You can even have a contest – prizes optional. Extra points for spooky backgrounds!

Spooky Trivia

Chances are there is someone on your team who loves to play trivia games. Ask them to create a list of Halloween related questions. The game can be played over video call or conference call, but don’t let everyone yell out the answers. Instead, text or private message answers to the game leader. This can be done during lunchtime or as an afterwork happy hour. If you are really on the ball, you can send out treats for everyone to enjoy together.

Scary Movie Contest

Ask your team members to create a short “horror” movie on their cellphones to share. Invite their families to play along. You might be surprised to find out what your coworkers really find scary!

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of Halloween items to search for. Whoever sends in pictures of all the items first wins. Some examples might be a skeleton, the opening credits of a classic Halloween movie, something with a witch, candy corn, etc.

Pumpkin Carving or Decorating Contest

Again, you’ll need to give your team time to prepare for this, but entries can be shown off on a video call or through email.

Pet Costume Contest

No instructions necessary! We know all you pet lovers already have this one ready to go!

EBI Halloween Costumes

2020 – The Scariest Year Yet

From all the Halloween lovers here at EBI, we hope you make some good 2020 memories! We would love to see how you celebrate, so please share your pictures with us on Facebook.

Remember, all of us at EBI are here for you during this very scary year. From a comprehensive return-to-work health and safety program to background screening, we have a full suite of solutions to optimize your business. 

Let us know how our EBI experts can help.

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Jennifer Gladstone

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