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Growing Debate over Ban the Box

Ban the Box

Ban the Box legislation has taken the nation by storm. In just a few years, laws to prohibit employers from asking questions about criminal history early in the application process have multiplied. There are now 24 states, more than 100 cities and even the federal government that have adopted some kind of Ban the Box statute.

No one can say that these efforts are anything short of well-meaning. What could be better for society than to help those who have paid their debt get back on their feet and back into the workforce?

Tougher Consequences for I-9 Mistakes as Fines Rise

Form I-9 E-Verify

Today’s blog starts with a rags-to-riches, possibly back-to-rags story.

David Jones was one of 58 children born to a practicing polygamist living in abject poverty in Mexico. Jones left Mexico for America when he was 15 and supported himself doing drywall. He became invaluable to his employer, Ketchikan Drywall in Seattle. According to Assistant U.S. Attorney Dor Reno, the owner of the company depended on Jones to provide hundreds of cheap laborers, but it turns out most of them were in the states illegally.

When Jones had a falling out with his boss, he moved across the country to the D.C. area and started his own firm, DJ Drywall. For years the company followed the same hiring practices. Prosecutors say 89 percent of the workers in the multi-million dollar firm were illegal.

13 Unconventional Ideas to Create a Great Place to Work


I’ve been researching the topic of creating great places to work for a decade, and along the way I’ve gleaned thousands of ideas on how to do that. If there’s one thing I know, creating a great place to work takes focus and action.

But what kinds of actions? What actions can you be implementing that would result in a great place to work?

Well, great places to work often do things that are very unconventional. The action items they implement to be great are out there, but they work. I thought I’d share some of the best ideas I’ve come across along the way.

OSHA Colors in Post-Accident Drug Testing Expectations

Drug Testing

Note from the Editor: Coming up next week, EBI is offering a webinar on new OSHA rules about reporting injuries in the workplace. That rule is being challenged in court by several groups of builders and contractors. They claim the rule’s anti-retaliation provisions go too far and will limit their ability to investigate accidents. Today, our presenter for the OSHA webinar, Tommy Eden, gives us a deeper look at the dispute.