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Washington State made recreational marijuana legal in 2013. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, in just a year the number of fatal car crashes involving the drug more than doubled in the state. The year before the drug was legalized, only 8% of fatal accidents involved drivers who showed signs of pot use. By 2014, that number was 17%.


A mass overdose recently sent 33 New Yorkers to the hospital in a single day. They weren’t doing any of the drugs that probably popped into your mind. All of them OD’d on K2, a synthetic marijuana that is also known as Spice.

This increasingly popular drug is a powerful one. People describe those who are using as zombies.


The annual SRHM conference is nothing short of legendary in the HR world. EBI sends a huge team every year, and we are always taken by the size and scope and the excitement surrounding the event. Check out our video to see an overview of the conference, and stay tuned for interviews with many of the newsmakers who took the stage. Maybe we’ll see you there next year!


We’ve all felt it. A meeting spinning out of control, a work relationship taking a turn for the worse or just a day where everything seems to be a struggle. There are things you can do to not only get things back on track, but to keep them from falling off the rails in the first place. Check out the video below to meet Morag Barrett, founder and CEO of SkyeTeam, and the host of our upcoming SHRM/HCRI eligible webinar, How to Keep Your Head when Your Hair is on Fire!