The Overwhelming Need For International Background Checks Continues To Grow In The United States

International Background ChecksAs immigration trends in the United States continue to grow, so will the need for employers to conduct international background checks.  For U.S. employers, the need to conduct background checks on individuals that are foreign-born or have spent a considerable amount of time abroad continues to be a hot topic and a growing trend in the United States.  Employers need to be vigilant in hiring individuals that are eligible to work in the U.S., along with the required skills and experience to support corporate demands.  In addition, one of the compelling factors to conduct background checks on all applicants is to help ensure that a candidate does not bring unnecessary security or safety risks into the workplace in regards to potential fraud, theft, and acts of workplace violence or even terrorism.  Employers realizing the overwhelming benefits of conducting background checks coupled with record U.S. immigration trends bring a renewed focus on international screening.  Here are a few immigration statistics to consider: 

Based on immigration figures represented below, there were approximately 23.4 million legal and unauthorized immigrants living in the United States as of January 1, 2010. 

In addition, the numbers within the DHS reports support the growing trend of increased Legal Permanent Residents (LRPs) living in the United States thru 2009 with the most significant increase (23.6%) taking place from 2007-2009.  Of the 12,630,000 residents reported over this period, the following is a breakdown of the top 20 countries where individuals were born: Mexico, Philippines, China, India, The Dominican Republic, Cuba, Canada, El Salvador, Vietnam, United Kingdom, South Korea, Haiti, Columbia, Jamaica, Germany, Guatemala, Poland, Japan, Peru, Pakistan.  Approximately 30% of the residents reported are from a variety of other countries. 

According to the DHS and other reporting U.S. government agencies, we will continue to see proportional immigration growth from these countries and others into the future.  With the influx from these countries and others, employers need to focus on international recruiting and screening strategies and incorporate international background checks into their current screening programs.  Background checks can actually be conducted in all of the countries listed above. 

International background screening brings forth a unique set of issues and challenges that make it very different from what has become standard practice for background screeners here in the United States.  It is important that these differences are clearly understood before an international screening program is designed and implemented for employers that wish to screen outside of the US. 

In general, international background checks can be more expensive and complex than domestic screening for the following reasons:

  • Intricacy involved with developing domain knowledge and the infrastructure required to deliver these services on a country by country basis;
  • Knowledge and understanding of legal requirements, cultural differences, security protocols and privacy issues specific to each country or region;
  • Necessity to have access to people with the ability to speak a wide variety of languages;
  • Necessity to operate around the clock to accommodate different time zones;
  • Expertise required to provide the optimum level of accuracy and quality;
  • Necessity to address multiple currency exchanges and the legitimate fees associated with accessing public information abroad;
  • Significant differences in the amount of detailed, country-specific and product-specific information required from a prospective employee to complete the background check.

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Robert Capwell

Posted By: Robert Capwell

EBI’s Chief Knowledge Officer, Mr. Robert E. Capwell, is considered one of the leading experts in the background screening industry with over 22 years of experience in the field. Mr. Capwell was a contributing author of the second edition of the ASIS Pre-employment Background Screening Guidelines and has written numerous articles and whitepapers for various publications including a periodic column on background screening for The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Online. He has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Human Resource Executive Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and several HR-related publications. Mr. Capwell speaks regularly to industry colleagues and HR Professionals both nationally and internationally.