Drug-Free Work Week To Be Observed October 17th – 22nd

Drug Free Work WeekThe annual observance of Drug-Free Work Week will take place the week of October 17-22, 2011.  Since 2006, The U.S. Department of Labor has worked in cooperation with employers and related industries to focus on improving safety and health in the workplace through drug-free workplace programs.  This year’s observance is being led by the National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance, A Division of Drug Free America Foundation, Inc. 

All organizations are encouraged to take part in Drug-Free Work Week and focus on alcohol and drug abuse prevention and workplace safety.  This can be accomplished by employers conducting activities designed to educate employees of the safety risks and overwhelming costs that drug and alcohol abuse brings into the workplace and our communities. 

The Drug-Free Workplace Alliance provides resources for employers and also the general public to promote awareness of a substance free workplace through drug and alcohol abuse facts, education resources and hand-out materials such as: 

  • Ideas for Observing Drug-Free Work Week
  • Drug-Free Work Week posters
  • Online supervisor, employee and parent training announcements
  • Substance Abuse in the Workplace Fact Sheets
  • Prescription Drug Abuse Fact Sheets
  • Prescription Drug Abuse and the Workplace newsletter articles
  • And National Resources 

Why Employers Should Care About Drug And Alcohol Abuse
According to the U.S. Department of Labor, alcohol and drug abuse has been estimated to cost American businesses roughly 81 billion dollars in lost productivity in just one year, 37 billion due to premature death and 44 billion due to illness. Of these combined costs, 86 percent are attributed to drinking.  Employers that incorporate substance abuse testing programs have seen a decrease in workplace accidents, employee mistakes, absenteeism, employee turnover, and in their workers' compensation claims. Other benefits are less tangible, such as improved workplace environment, employee morale and customer satisfaction.  According to a survey released by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) in September of 2011, there is an overwhelming return on investment (ROI) from employment drug testing.  Follow the link provided to read a synopsis of the study. 

At Employment Background Investigations, Inc. (EBI), we support this cause and hope that all organizations and businesses take advantage of promoting awareness of a substance free workplace.  EBI offers a wide variety of options when it comes to drug and alcohol testing programs, from pre-employment, random, post-accident and mobile collection options for both regulated DOT and traditional testing.  With vast expertise and knowledge, EBI can help you develop a drug testing program to meet your specific needs, whether lab based or instant solution.

EBI is committed to providing employers with valuable education and resources on changing legislation and cutting-edge and compliant solutions to meet federal, state, local and international mandatory requirements. If you found this information useful, select the button listed below and access more industry news, resources and tips from EBI, an NAPBS Accredited screening firm and global leader in the background screening industry.