Recent Poll Reveals Overwhelming ROI From Employment Drug Testing

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Recent Poll Reveals Overwhelming ROI From Employment Drug Testing

Urine Drug TestingAccording to a survey released by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) in September of 2011, over 57% of employers polled conduct pre-employment drug testing on all job candidates.  Almost 70% of the employers surveyed revealed the use of drug testing for pre-employment had testing programs in place for seven years or longer.  The study was composed of 1,058 randomly selected HR professionals, and the results continue to show that employers realize a significant return on investment (ROI) by incorporating a drug testing program with their organization.  The following information is summary of a few key points revealed by the survey.

Here are some of the employer benefits of drug testing as revealed by the study:

  • Organizations with high absenteeism rates (more than 15%) experienced a decrease in absenteeism of approximately 50% after implementing a drug testing program
  • Organizations with high workers’ compensation incidence rates experienced a decrease of approximately 50% after implementing a drug testing program
  • Approximately 19% of the survey respondents revealed an increase in employee productivity after implementing a drug testing program
  • Approximately 16% of survey respondents revealed a decrease in employee turn-over after implementing a drug testing program
  • Approximately 72% of employers with multinational operations indicated that they use the same protocols and policies used in the United States when conducting drug testing outside of the U.S.

The study also compared the use of pre-employment drug testing by employer size and revealed that larger organizations utilized drug testing significantly more than smaller organizations.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing Utilization By Employer Size

1-99 employees


100-499 employees


500-2,499 employees


2,500-24,999 employees


25,000 plus employees



The use of random drug testing continues to trend upward over the past few years as revealed by recent studies.

Type Drug Testing Used




Post-Accident Testing





The survey also polled employers as to the type of drug testing utilized by each.  Urine-lab based testing continues to be the method of choice by employers.

Type of Testing

Percent Used

Type of Testing

Percent Used

Urine-lab based


Oral fluid – lab based




Oral fluid – instant


Hair testing





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