The Trucking Industry Is On Alert For Terrorism

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The Trucking Industry Is On Alert For Terrorism

Dangerous Cargo SignLast week, terrorist experts from the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and Transportation Security Administration alerted over a hundred members of the trucking industry in Concord, NC to be on the lookout for terrorism. The FBI alerted the trucking industry that the potential of a terrorist attack may be carried out by an individual and not a group of terrorists to appear less suspicious. The FBI's Craig Moringiello said terrorism is changing. Future attacks are more likely to be conducted by one person, "a lone wolf," he said, such as the Fort Hood shooter, the Christmas underwear bomber and the Times Square bomber.

Agency representatives warned trucking industry owners of the potential mass destruction that could be caused from a hijacked semi-truck carrying hazardous chemicals or other highly flammable cargo. A truck carrying a destructive payload could easily be driven into a public place or highly secured area to be used as a massive bomb. Government officials warned of the news headlines that could carry a trucking company’s name as part of a terrorist attack. One panelist pointed out how lethal a truck bomb can be, citing the 1993 attack when terrorists drove a rental van carrying a 1,500-pound bomb into the underground parking garage at the World Trade Center.

Trucking industry professionals were instructed to be vigilant in the following areas:

  • Conduct extensive background checks on drivers and other employees with access to payloads
  • Look for unusual changes in drivers’ lifestyles and behavior patterns
  • Be on the alert for payloads being delivered to strange areas
  • Be on the lookout for suspicious student drivers seeking hazmat permits
  • Incorporate the use of satellite monitoring for trucks and payloads
  • Equip trucks with the use of door and lock monitoring systems

As citizens, we all need to be vigilant and remain on the lookout for suspicious activity and potential terrorism. At EBI, we work with trucking companies and other public transportation firms to provide pre-employment and on-going employment background checks, drug and alcohol testing, and occupational healthcare solutions to help find the right person for the right job and keep transportation and trucking companies compliant with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.

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