An Employer Wellness Program Can Protect Staff From H1N1 And Flu

Don't get caught short-staffed this flu season.

The data on the effects of last year's flu and H1N1 virus is staggering.  Everyone remembers the 2009 flu pandemic, but few realize the profits employers lost from significant employee absenteeism and lost productivity.

An Employer Wellness Program can protecEmployer Wellness Programt your staff and your company’s bottom line.  EBI’s onsite vaccination program comes to you, at one or multiple locations.  The vaccinations are performed onsite, so there is no lost productivity due to staff waiting in lines at retail stores or time lost to doctor's office visits. 

Learn more about our onsite flu shots by attending our free Wellness Webinar.  We’ll walk you through the risks of the H1N1/Flu virus and the rewards of having an onsite vaccination program in place.

With EBI, you can keep your workforce morale high, your sick day numbers down and your profits up!