Employers Should Take Note of the Latest E-Verify Updates from the USCIS

Employers Should Take Note of the Latest E-Verify Updates from the USCIS

By Samantha Manchester

USCISAs many employers know, E-Verify is a government-managed system that compares information from an employee’s Form I-9 to data from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration to confirm employment eligibility.  There is currently active E-Verify legislation in over half of the 50 states, and this number is constantly increasing.  The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently released a few news items regarding the E-Verify system:

TNC Notification E-Mail

The latest edition of the Form I-9 (03/08/2013 N) offers a field for employee e-mail addresses. While the employee e-mail address is optional on the Form I-9, employers are required to enter the employee e-mail address into E-Verify if it is submitted on the Form I-9. As of July 01, 2013, if a valid e-mail address is submitted to E-Verify, the system will e-mail employees directly if employee information results in a Tentative Non-Confirmation (TNC).  Employers are able to view examples of these TNC e-mails from the USCIS website.  Employers should note that this new enhancement does not alter pre-existing responsibilities of employers to notify employees, nor does it eliminate the obligation of employers to give a copy of the TNC to employees.

Idaho Joins RIDE Program

Effective July 14, 2013, Idaho has become the third state to join the Records and Information from DMVs for E-Verify (RIDE) program.  RIDE, a voluntary program, allows E-Verify employers to verify their new employee’s driver licenses and/or state-issued identification cards.  This new initiative aims to improve accuracy in verifying employee work authorization, as many employees provide a drivers license or state-issued identification card as documentation on the Form I-9. Florida and Mississippi also currently participate in RIDE.

E-Verify Rated Positively by Independent Reports

The Westat Corporation conducted a nationally-representative survey of E-Verify users that compiled employers’ opinions and experiences with the E-Verify system. The findings reported that 83% of the eligible employers surveyed showed high user satisfaction with the E-Verify program.  A full report of the user survey can be found here.

For a current list of states with active E-Verify legislation, please visit EBI’s E-Verify Legislation Map.

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