Legislative Alert – USCIS Issues New Form I-9

Legislative Alert – USCIS Issues New Form I-9

By Samantha Manchester

Legislative Alerts

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services released a new Form I-9 on March 08, 2013. Employers who require additional implementation time for use of the new Form I-9 may use the old Form I-9 until May 07, 2013. However, after May 07, 2013, all employers must use the new Form I-9, which is marked with the revision date of (Rev. 03/08/13)N in the lower right-hand portion of the form. 

The Federal Register (Vol. 78, No. 46 specifically acknowledged that electronic I-9 providers may require additional time to implement the new Form I-9 revisions, and so the 60 day grace period until May 07, 2013, applies to both employers and electronic I-9 providers. After May 07, 2013, electronic I-9 providers, along with all employers, must use the new Form I-9 (Rev. 03/08/2013)N to remain compliant with federal law.

Employers should note that it is not required for employees who already have a current, valid Form I-9 on file to complete a new Form I-9 using the revised form. However, if re-verification of a current employee’s I-9 information is required, then employers should use the new, revised Form I-9 (Rev. 03/08/2013)N.

The new Form I-9 consists of two pages (not including the instructions and list of Acceptable Documents), as well as a more-detailed set of instructions. The new form also contains field for a passport, e-mail address, and phone number in Section 1. Employers can obtain the new Form I-9 by visiting the USCIS website at www.uscis.gov.

Employers using EBI’s electronic Form I-9 platform should be aware that EBI’s system is currently being updated to reflect the new revisions issued by USCIS, and that all updates will be completed by the May 07, 2013 compliance deadline.

Link to the Federal Register Notice.

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  1. I just found the new form and has anyone realized that it appears to have the wrong effective date listed at the bottom. The date listed at the botton is March 8, 2012. Shouldn’t it be March 8, 2013.

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