EBI Alert – Oklahoma Enacts New Laws To Reduce Substance Abuse

EBI Alert – Oklahoma Enacts New Laws To Reduce Substance Abuse

By EBI Screening Expert

Legislation Aimed At Reducing Drug Distribution And Purchase


New Oklahoma state legislation, in effect as of November 1, 2010, is aimed at reducing the distribution, purchase, and use of Methamphetamine (Meth), K2 (Spice) and other drugs.

  • House Bill 3380 creates the nation’s first Meth Offender Registry, a database of meth offenders tied directly to the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN) Pseudoephedrine Tracking System.  The law prohibits anyone with a meth conviction from purchasing or possessing Pseudoephedrine tablets, the primary ingredient for manufacturing meth.  
  • Under House Bill 3241, Oklahoma will become one of the first states to outlaw K2, also known as “Spice”, which is sold in local stores or online as “legal cannabis”.  This bill also prohibits the retail sale of certain types of glass pipes that are often used for smoking crack cocaine or methamphetamine.
  • House Bill 2529 mandates that hospital emergency rooms around the state must report any fatal and non-fatal drug overdose occurrences to the OBN. 

EBI Watches Trends and Helps Employers Prepare

Evidence of elevated usage of prescription opiates and other drugs within the United States workforce has shifted, and is causing a greater need for employers to review their current drug testing program and adjust their drug testing panels.  EBI recommends employers review their current program and policies with their legal counsel.

Implementing an EBI comprehensive screening program that encompasses both pre-employment and random drug testing for the detection of methamphetamines, among other illegal drugs, will help deter employee substance usage, decrease an organization’s insurance premiums, reduce workers compensation exposure, and keep your workforce safe. 


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