National Drug Testing Trends Affirms Random Employee Drug Testing

National Drug Testing Trends Affirms Random Employee Drug Testing

By EBI Screening Expert

Studies show that employee drug use causes 3.6 times as many accidents and up to 40% of all industrial fatalities each year. 

random employee drug testing

Evidence of elevated usage of prescription opiates and other drugs in the workforce has shifted and is causing a need for employers to review their current drug testing program and adjust their drug testing panels. 

Many non-DOT regulated employers rely only on pre-employment drug testing as a traditional means of testing, and often forget that chronic or habitual users will clean themselves up while looking for a new job just to beat a pre-employment drug test.  The false sense of comfort a hiring manager realizes from a clear pre-employment test is soon overshadowed by a drug related workplace accident or incident. 

Random drug testing is a methodology of selecting a pre-determined pool of employees to be subjected to a drug test on a random basis.  Random selection can be done monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly at a pre-determined level depending on policy or even regulatory compliance needs.  Drug detection windows are short for some drugs, so random employee drug testing will help insure a company’s protection for the lifecycle of an employee.

Implementing an Employment Background Investigations (EBI) random drug testing program will help deter employee substance usage and help decrease an organization’s insurance premiums and workers compensation exposure.  With a vast expertise and knowledge, EBI can help you develop a employment screening program to meet your specific needs and keep your company safe.

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